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Old 19-09-2008
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Imaging vista comps with Symentec Ghost. Pulling My Hairs Out!

Hi. I'm not sure where else to go or who else to ask. My resources have all been unable to help, and no matter how endless my google powers reach, they seem to no avail this time. Here's my problem:

I'm trying to image 10 Lenovo ThinkCentre computers with Vista using Symantec Ghost Solution Suite 1.0 and have come problem after problem. It's easy to image Win XP computers since it's easy to find sysprep programs (and other various neat prepping programs) for XP. Some thing's I've learned are that there's primarily the License key (or windows cd key) that needs to be removed before imaging, then the SID key needs to be changed before putting the computer on a network with another computer that was imaged. This could be done before or after imaging (I would have tried removing it before but could not figure out how. Best I could do is find the program NewSID that just changes it, which would have to be used after imaging.) So I would just change the SID after for now, but I can't even get to that pint ATM... So for XP, you could either use some sysprep program or download programs like XPID and newsid to prep and setup your computers for imaging.

Whenever I try to image these computers, I'll get to a dos screen constantly flashing the messsage "There has been a signature failure." From googling, the best I could find are some people saying "hey do a fdisk /mbr" and I'm like "OK" and do it and it TOTALLY jacks up the computer. After doing that command (from booting to dos via Win 95 floppy) the computer will get to a blank dos screen with a cursor flashing on the top left of the screen till the end of time.

Some extra info:
From speaking with Lenovo I've found that they have a "boot loader" and a "hidden partition" which has recovery disk creating stuff and should be the reason imaging is failing to work. I also learned you could sysprep via built-in vista software using the following command (after doing start, run)
From the box that pops up you're suppose to accept the defaults that are there EXCEPT you MUST select the generalize check box or else bad things will happen. I also know you can go to start, run, type cmd then in the prompt type slmgr with more fancy options of changing or removing your CDkey (and turned into a neat way of activating windows.)

If anyone has any light to shine on this cruel dilemma it would be greatly appreciated. Countless hours have been thrown away on useless tech support calls and googling and experimenting (it takes 2 hours and 40 mins each test since its 1 hour 20 mins to make an image and another 1hr 20min to restore) so I'm starting to get desperate for help from anywhere. Thanks in advance!
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Old 19-09-2008
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See the suggestions given in this threads: Vista and Norton Ghost 12

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Old 19-09-2008
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The Symantec Ghost Client Inventory functionality obtains information from the Windows Management Interface (WMI) repository on each Console client computer. The default filters can help you to identify the computers that meet the minimum required specification for Vista. You can use this feature to identify the computers that need hardware upgrades for Vista.

If you want to migrate your computer from XP to Vista, the User Migration feature will help you to make the migration easy and fast. You can capture application settings and Windows configuration settings from XP and migrating them to Vista. This feature is not only included in the Ghost Console, but also can be run as a standalone application.

The Vista sysprep is simpler than before, it is installed along with the Vista OS installation and is located in the %WINDIR%\system32\sysprep folder. From sysprep GUI, it runs on either /audit or /oobe mode with an optional switch /generalize. The /oobe mode replaces -mini, and the /generalize includes -reseal, -nosidgen and -activated switches in WinXP.

Vista sysprep's image can be deployed to a machine that its hardware abstraction layers (HALs) don't have to be compatible with the source machine where the image is created. So you can deploy sysprep'd Vista image between different brands and models, from desktop to laptop or the other way around. From what I've seen, this part worked pretty good.

The answer file creation process is totally different to "Setup Manager Wizard" which we normally use to create answer file for 2K and XP. You will need to use "Windows System Image Manager" to create Vista sysprep answer file called unattend.xml. It is included in the "Windows Automated Installation Kit" (WAIK) DVD. The application includes several good help manuals.
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