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Thread: SBS 2008 Premium - SQL Sever

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    SBS 2008 Premium - SQL Sever

    Is it possible to run SQL server on Windows SBS 2008 platform. I am talking about the edition where I am using a virtual server. SBS is different while SQL is different that offer a different set of solution. It can be costly to go with SQL with SBS and somehow I am looking for better practice here. I was just checking the specification where I found that SBS 2008 STD supports 32GB RAM. So that is good for performance but even for large network this is not at all enough.

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    I do not think there will be any issue and SQL will be working well. It is necessary that you multiple server based on the requirement. RAM is not the question here, the main issue is disk activity. If that is slow then the performance is effected to great strength.

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