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Thread: Sharepoint 3.0 - explorer view

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    Sharepoint 3.0 - explorer view

    I am not able to get explorer view to open in my Sharepoint Services 3.0 pages. I am getting username/password windows and then an error message that says "Your client does not support opening this list with Windows Explorer". This site is trusted and the Web client service is also running. The problem starts on both the SBS 2003 Server and Vista clients and we are using Internet Explorer 7. Thanks for any help.

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    In SharePoint document library there is an option in action menu i.e "open in Windows Explorer",When we click this one we can see all the documents in a window explorer,where we can drag and drop the documents for the document library .

    But in case of a SharePoint generic list we don't have this option.To implement this functionality we need to add the following script in the page, and call the script method from a event. In SharePoint list, if a list Item contains any attachment, it creates a folder with the name of the item id and add the attachments inside that folder. When we open the list in Window Explorer we can see the folders for the list items which contain attachments, here we can drag and drop the documents to save as attachment for the list Item.

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