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Thread: Replacing hard drive in Raid 5

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    Replacing hard drive in Raid 5

    We have got a server with us that has 3 hard drives in a Raid 5 configuration, but on of them has failed recently. Can anyone tell me whether it will be as simple as purchasing another drive of the same size and type and then install it in place of the failed drive? Thanks for any help in advance.

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    Re: Replacing hard drive in Raid 5

    Well, it all depends on the RAID controller card. What I have seen in most of the cases is that its one of the 2 things - you can install drive and then it will rebuild on its own, or install drive and then open RAID tools by going into the BIOS perhaps and add drive and select rebuild. The Raid controller vendor and your server vendor will know best about it. If you do one mistake then you will have a total loss.

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