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Thread: NTFRS-Error, Event-ID 7011

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    We have SBS Server with Service Pack 2 and there is some strange problem going on with it. The problem is that every hour or so the performance of the server goes down massively even though it seems to stand still. But after some time, everything will return to normal state and the event log shows an Error ID 7011: Timeout (30000 milliseconds) waiting for transaction response from NTFRS service. Any ideas whats going on here? Thanks.

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    It might be that the Windows Trace Session Manager service is not starting in the timeout value that is specified by Service Control Manager (SCM). By default, the timeout value is 30000 milliseconds (30 seconds). This problem becomes apparent when the installation of Microsoft Enterprise Instrumentation Framework (EIF) is not completed. This problem may also become apparent during the computer startup. So to workaround this issue, follow the methods given on this article -

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