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Thread: disable ssl for owa and rww

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    disable ssl for owa and rww

    I want to change the OWA and RWW websites from https to a regular http sites. Right now there are no record being used for the sites. Everything that is setup is the ip address followed by /remote or /exchange. I also want to setup a website such as and Is there anyone who can suggest me on what needs to be done on a SBS 2003 Server.

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    Re: disable ssl for owa and rww

    I think that, removing SSL from OWA and RWW is not the best way. Incase you do that then the web traffic between the remote computer and your SBS is in clear text, including the passwords. Why do you want to do that since the default secure access works just fine. You can start by srgging if your public DNS provider, your ISP, can do domain forwarding. From my guess, they map to and to

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    Re: disable ssl for owa and rww

    Try to do the below and see if that works:

    1. On your server, open the “TS Gateway Manager”

    2. Right click on the local server and select “Properties”

    3. Select the “SSL Certificate” tab

    4. What is listed under “Issued to” and “Issued by”?

    5. If the public certificate is not being used, can you switch to it from “Browse Certificates…” under “Select an existing certificate for SSL encryption”?

    6. If so, restart web services and try to make a remote connection from a client and follow up with results.

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