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Thread: SQL 2005 Express on SBS 2003 R2?

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    SQL 2005 Express on SBS 2003 R2?

    We are using SBS 2003 R2 and planning to install Symantec Backup Exec 11d on the same. The pre test we ran says an actual version of SQL Server is missing and suggests to install SQL Express. I donít know how it came because as far as I know the original SQL Server Desktop Engine Ver . 8 is already installed on my SBS.

    I have few questions regarding this:
    1. Is it safe to install SQL 2005 Express?
    2. Does it has something to do with SBSMONITORING, SHAREPOINT and WSUS?
    3. Do we need the new SQL Version for Backup Exec?

    All suggestions appreciated.

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    Re: SQL 2005 Express on SBS 2003 R2?

    Yep, it is safe to install SQL Express on SBS. It will not affect anything else on SQL. Neither it will effect SBSMonitoring/Sharepoint or WSUS. There is a very good tool available for Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express. You should check this

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    Re: SQL 2005 Express on SBS 2003 R2?

    You will need to throttle the memory in order to install Backup Exec SQL because you dont have other choice to use the newer version of SQL Server. Also am sure that no Symantec guy will probably not help you if you use the old version with v11d

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    RE: SQL 2005 Express on SBS 2003 R2?

    I donít think there is compatibility issue between SQL Server 2005 and Small Business Server 2003. Infact you must know that SQL server edition available with Small business Server 2003 R2 is SQL Server 2005 Workgroup edition. You can also check the following link for more info on Installation Requirements for SQL Server Express Edition

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