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Thread: Cannot Remove Read-Only Attribute

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    Cannot Remove Read-Only Attribute

    There are serveral discussion I have seen on this issue but none of them are working for me. I made a new volume and moved all the data we had in our other volume into this new volume. But all the folders and files are read only and it is greyed out as well. When I am trying to unselect read only then it seems like its marking them all but if I go back into properties then it is back to read only again. When I am creating a new file or folder then it is not read only, so it looks to be onlt the folders/files that I copied over. I have followed a ms article to solve this issue but when I type in the command - attrib -r -s d:\Company Files - then I get an error message that states "parameter format not correct". Can anyone help.

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    Re: Cannot Remove Read-Only Attribute

    I wanted to know more about if the folders are being accessed by the users? Can you try to run chkdsk. Usually, the read only checkmark is ignored by the operating system, so you dont have to worry about the check box. Also try to check the security settings.

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    Re: Cannot Remove Read-Only Attribute

    I dont think that you will be able to change it. The files are normally accessible and writeable. When you will clear it then it will come back again, since it is designed that way.

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