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Thread: Name change not showing up in Global Address list

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    Name change not showing up in Global Address list

    I am working on a new SBS 2003 R2 server. I had created some set of users. But now I want to make changes in the name. There were spelling errors. So from the server management console when I try to rename the same I found that the settings are taking effect. I went inside the properties and then changed the references as per needed. I modified the mail address nad user nae also. When I go in inside AD I and clicked on the user account whom I modified. The changes were proper. It looks that everything is updated. But there is still some problem with global address list. It is still not updated and giving the same old wrong information.

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    It takes some time. There is no need to make more changes. Just sit back. Try to put the address book on offline mode first to update in Exchange System Manager. You just need to right click on that and choose rebuild. That's all. Wait back and the changes will be updated. You can also re-download the address book and ensure that everything is working fine.

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