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Thread: Certificate error when accessing OWA or RWW from external site

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    Certificate error when accessing OWA or RWW from external site

    I am facing certificate error on all client workstation. Things were working fine but with recent changes there was a problem with OWA accessibility. I had replaced the modem and router. I had also changed the external and internal SBS NIC and then configured settings commonly on all the system but it looks not to be working fine. I had manually changes all the settings so it must accept it and it should work properly. But somehow there is trouble with using the same. Does anyone has any idea how can restore the old settings.

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    It looks the certificate service is not working. It is not a big issue. You had just modified the hardware and still the settings is fine. You must try to reconfigure the entire network back from scratch. That will be good for stability. I do not think Windows Update can also help you much here. I am doubtful whether the router is having some relation with certification issuing authority. Can be a firewall problem also. Simply test the same and check out.

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    Go the IIS and check out the settings. I hope the problem will be resolved if you reconfigure every thing from there. You can find IS located inside Administrative Tool. There click on the server name and then click on website. Right click on the default website and choose Properties. There you can find a option called as view certificate. You have to ensure that the settings here are proper and validated. Sometime if the certificate are expired then this type of issue appear.

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