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Thread: Active-x error (RWW revisited)

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    Active-x error (RWW revisited)

    Hey guys, am in need of some urgent help regarding Remote Web Workplace. Iím not facing any problem as far as log on to RWW but whenever I try to connect any client desktop or even the server itself, I receive the following error message:

    ďThis portion of the Remote Web Workplace requires the Microsoft Remote Desktop ActiveX control. Your browsers security settings may be preventing you from downloading ActiveX controls. Adjust these settings, and try to connect again.Ē

    Any help would be more than welcome.

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    RE: Active-x error (RWW revisited)

    Are you using Internet Explorer 7 in this case? Because when I was facing the same problem it was IE7 and this is how I fixed the problem. I went to Tools > Internet Options > Security Tab. Here I highlighted INTERNET zone and select Custom level. Also under ActiveX Controls and Plugins section, you will need disable the option saying ĎAllow previously unused ActiveX controls to be used without a promptí . Once done, simply restart Internet Explorer and you will be able to install or use the ActiveX control for Remote Desktop. Let me know if you still face any problem.

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    Re: Active-x error (RWW revisited)

    Thank you very much for the help IRVING. I tried doing the same but the option was already disabled on my system/internet explorer. So now what?

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    Re: Active-x error (RWW revisited)

    You actually need to enable to it. The value should be ENABLED not DISABLED

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