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Thread: error code 403 forbidden when accessing web site

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    error code 403 forbidden when accessing web site

    We are having a SBS 2003 running from long time. Internal website was also working fine but until last week. Last week we installed Service Pack 1 including ISA 2004 and since then problem started. Now whenever we try to access Internal web site published, we get an error message saying:

    “Error Code: 403 Forbidden. The server denied the specified Uniform Resource Locator (URL). Contact the server administrator. (12202).”

    Site is a subdirectory of the wwwroot (InetPub) directory. After getting the said error we even tried creating new Web publishing rule for the website but no success. Any help please?

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    RE: error code 403 forbidden when accessing web site

    I think you need to run CEICW and specify the FQDN which you will use to access the sites as the web server certificate to resolve this issue. You can do this with the help of steps provided below:

    • On the SBS 2003 Server open the Server Management console. Go to Standard Management\To Do List.
    • Click the "Connect to the Internet" link.
    • Choose not to change the connection type and click Next. On the Firewall page, select "Enable firewall" and click Next.
    • On the "Services Configuration" page, select all the items and then click Next.
    • On the "Web Services Configuration" page, make sure "Allow access to the entire Web site from the Internet" is selected. If you select "Allow access to only the following Web site services from the Internet", make sure the services you want to publish are selected. Click Next.
    • On the "Web Server Certificate" page, choose to create a new Web server certificate and then type the public FQDN.
    • Go through the remaining steps. The wizard will automatically configure the SBS 2003 Basic Firewall to securely publish the web site.

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    i have isa 2004 i am triing to publish owa 2007 i used selfssl as a certificate and when i try to access from outside through the isa i get the page of the certificate and when i click proceed i have error code 403 forbiden.... cau you help me?please

    no no sbs included

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    Error Code: 403 Forbidden

    I am an employee and using my own pc in my office but i cannot access all website as simple as youtube and other "media sharing" site. in fact, i cannot even open my yahoo messenger.

    can anyone help me on this please?

    Many thanks!

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