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Thread: Migrating documents from Small Business Server

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    Migrating documents from Small Business Server

    I need some advice on migration of documents from Small Business Server. There is a server connected on the top floor of our office which is connected to a network of 55 pc. Now a program which is used for publishing is configured on server. So by default everything is stored in the server itself. For temporary purpose we had planned to upgrade server to better hardware. But as consulted by the technician he told us to buy 2 new systems. Both will be server which will handle the data traffic on the base of clients divided into two parts. Now the confusion is that how to migrate those stuff. I had never done any data migration before and this is the first time so there are random doubts. I need basic steps here and if there is a 3rd party tool which can do a kind of backup and restore job for me that will be much better. Thanks.

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    Re: Migrating documents from Small Business Server

    The thing you are talking about is entirely based on Server Migration. This is a process when you backup your entire data, settings, configuration, user accounts, etc; to some place and then restore. Once the new server is installed you just need to run Migration tool to pull back all the data in new system. But on the same hand I will advice you to backup the data first. Create proper documentation on its configuration and then start the migrating stuff. If possible manually copy paste the data to some distant location. Later on if you face any error while migration or your data restore fails atleast you can re-install all stuff and restore the actual data. What really matters most is the data. I always prefer to have a NAS drive configured to the network so that users can stay out of the risk of data loss.

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    Re: Migrating documents from Small Business Server

    Read a guide for that from the below thread. Do not just follow the migration steps. The guide allows you to find what you have to do before, and after migration. It is necessary that you take all steps for a valid migration. Copying data is not a big deal. But after migration your client system might face issue for connectivity or the program which you are using might crash. All stuff must be considered. There are certain migrate assistant kind of tool which scans your network and provide you a rough overview on how to start with migration.
    Advice on Migration of Data and Information from Windows Server

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