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Thread: VPN server to increase speed, help

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    VPN server to increase speed, help

    I live in Qatar and my current speed is just 2MBs (260 kbps is my max).

    I'm very interested in those VPN servers solely for their speed increasing ability. But I've written to HideMyAss, Express VPN...and they told me my speed would stay the same.

    Anybody know which service I can turn to ? I'm dying, DYING to try, and I just need human advice coz the internet just won't let me know for sure...

    Many, many thanks in advance.

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    Re: VPN server to increase speed, help

    Hello, as per my knowledge VPN doesn't provide any speed increasing ability. A VPN could provide a superior route which would decrease latency and add to awareness. Basically VPN help you to reduce your network traffic and its not allowing to improve your bandwidth speed. As per my knowledge its help you to reduce your network latency.

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