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Thread: Problem undoing folder redirection sbs 08

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    Problem undoing folder redirection sbs 08


    I set up folder redirection in the default domain policy and now am wondering how to turn it off. I know that usually this involves removing the GPO, but being the default policy, I can't do that. I now know that I should have made a new GPO instead of modifying the default one, but now I'm stuck with it this way. I tried blocking inheritance and setting a new GPO to have preced3ence over the default one, but after I do a gpupdate and log out and back in on my computer, everything is still redirected.



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    Re: Problem undoing folder redirection sbs 08

    You will have to search it in the directory. The following example demonstrates how to change the location of the Desktop folder by using Folder Redirection:
    • Click Start, point to Programs, point to Administrative Tools, and then click Active Directory Users and Computers.
    • Right-click Domain, and then click Properties.
    • Click the Group Policies tab, click Default Domain Policy, and then click Edit.
    • When Group Policies starts, click User Configuration, click Windows Settings, and then click Folder Redirection.
    • Right-click Desktop Folder, and then click Properties.
    • You can now configure the location of the Desktop folder. In the Settings box, click Advanced - Specify the location for various user groups, and then click Add.
    • Click the Browse button next to the Security Group Membership box, and then click a group from the domain list.
    • Click Target Location Folder, and then use a UNC path to the location where you want the Desktop folder to be located.
    • Click the Settings tab. By default, both of the following settings are enabled:
      • When enabled, the Grant the user exclusive rights to Desktop check box sets permissions on the folder for the User and System to full permissions. If you click to clear the check box, no change is made to the permissions on the folder.
      • When enabled, the Move the contents of Desktop to the new location check box moves the contents to the new location. If you click to clear the check box, then the contents remain where they are.
    • In the Policy Removal box, click either Leave the folder in the new location when the policy is removed, or Redirect the folder back to the local userprofile location when the policy is removed. By default, the first option is selected.
    • Click Apply, click OK, and then quit Group Policy Editor.
    • Log off the administrator account, and then log on again.

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    Re: Problem undoing folder redirection sbs 08

    when I go to the domain properties, there is no group policies tab, only "general" and "managed by". I see that I have the option to raise the functional level from 2003 to 2008, do I need to do that first? It says that can't be reversed once raised.

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    Re: Problem undoing folder redirection sbs 08

    Have you tried to right click on the My Documents Icon, and manually changing the path back to his profile folder (or wherever else you want it to go). Sometimes it works, sometimes it don't. Usually a couple manual changes will sort it out till the policy change catches up. I have seen this several times, but just monkeyed with it till it stopped never knew exactly what made it stick.

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