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Thread: Windows 7 - issues connecting to SBS 2003

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    Windows 7 - issues connecting to SBS 2003

    I am having SBS 2003 on my system. There are around 7 Windows XP clients connected to the server. Now I am trying to add a new laptop to the server. For that I had downloaded a new Windows Update. It is installed on the server. After updating there was a problem with connectivity. A error appeared while configuring the network settings. There is a Windows 7 system which is also not connected to the server. Even after adding all the manually settings it fails to work.

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    In my network Windows 7 is working fine. It is recommended that you must avoid installing any update before doing the same. Because update adds major changes in the system. After performing the update there are major modification that cause changes in the settings. The major issue lies with DHCP so that is why you are not able to get it working properly.

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    Just apply critical updates. Leave the options. It s not at all required. The configuration settings between Windows 7 and Windows Server can be annoying. But it would help you to find out many things like appropriate settings to access the network share, file permission related to objects, etc. You will have to remove the domain from server and then add the same back again. Try to do that through a manual process instead of using a wizard. I think that would be more helpful.

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