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Thread: Windows SBS 2008 Backup configuration error

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    Windows SBS 2008 Backup configuration error

    I need some help to work with Windows SBS 2008. I am facing problem with backup configuration. I am not able to figure out why it is appear so instantly. First I had configured the backup and make all the changes which are needed. But after a few minutes later the backup configuration simply failed. There was nothing I can do. I am using external drives to run the backup. I am not at all sure about the backup error detail. While when I go in the log I found a long set of description.

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    Check once that the external drives that you had attached to your system have drive letters. Because if that is not assigned the backup configuration tool is not able to locate the drive letter or missing the configuration. Also try to format the drive in FAT32 if it is in NTFS. The file partition difference can also be the cause of this problem.

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    Re: Windows SBS 2008 Backup configuration error

    Have you resolved the issue? I found the same problem (same errors in the log) when scheduling the backup.

    I read a posting which says that the backup drive has to be larger than the partition (not the data) to backup. In my case my backup drive is smaller, but I have not tested yet whether a larger drive can resolve the problem. Just want to see whether you have any answer already, before I trash the small drive and buy a bigger one!

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