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Thread: SQL Server 2005 Management Studio

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    SQL Server 2005 Management Studio

    I am having a SBS 2008 Premium server. I am not able to install SQL Server 2005 on the same. I am trying to install a 64bit version of the same. I am also trying to install client tools on it. But somehow there is a problem with the management studio. I had configured a routine report to find out any pending errors. I checked inside the start menu and found Microsoft SQL Management Studio Express. But somehow it looks that it is not properly installed.

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    When you run the setup of SBS 2008, Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express gets installed with it. It is a kind of part of SBS 2008 setup. There are two ways of re-installing the same back. First you can install that as a part of SBS 2008 or you can simply re-install everything from scratch. This is one of best way to fix numerous bugs. You can go with the part installation but it is better you install the same from scratch.

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