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Thread: Windows 2008 SBS - bare metal restore/disaster recovery

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    Windows 2008 SBS - bare metal restore/disaster recovery

    I had landed in bit of trouble and no hope that I can fix this out. I am going to explain the same in detail. I am having a HP ProLiant DL380 G4 server. It is working on Windows 2008 SBS. This system is having a raid array. It comes with integrated Smart Arry 6i. The OS lies on RAID1. There are two 146GB drive and four 72GB on raid 0. Each array is having a single partition only. Now from last 5 months the server was working fine. I am trying to work on a new recovery plan that can help me to restore all things back in case of crash. The best thing many will recommend is to install everything from scratch. I am using the backup also. Is there a way by which I can completely restore the server through some bootable media. I am talking about everything. Not each and every file or OS separately.

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    Backup is a crucial process but it looks Microsoft has not worked well on that part. The integrated option which is available for the backup process is just a waste of time. I think you can restore through manual process only where you go step by step adding each and every thing. But if you want some type of clone image restore then you can try out Norton Ghost. This software is capable of cloning your hard drive with exact settings and restore them as required.

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    Re: Windows 2008 SBS - bare metal restore/disaster recovery

    Can you give info about this > Once I fixed that, the restore went fine. How did u fix it. I seems to have the same problem restore went fine yet the operating system wont kick. I think its that server 2008 boots based on the disks so I tried the option of update the bootcode. When I check with bootrec /scanos I always get - total identified windows installation. I also try delete bcd file and recreate it it created fine while finding a new os. So I think this boot disk is my problem : "Turns out, the RAID arrays on the spare server I was restoring to were created in the incorrect order such that what was presented to the OS as Disk 0 on the live server was now Disk 1 on the spare server, and vice versa (and disk0 and disk1 were different sizes)."

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