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Thread: backup SBS 2008 on remote share / network share

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    backup SBS 2008 on remote share / network share

    Guys is there anyone who can tell me how can i backup SBS 2008 in attached drives? I have gone through the SBS Console settings but i don't see any option where i can set remote share / network share as destination. I am not sure if that's possible or not but if it is then i will like to know how. Thanks in advance to those who will try to help.

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    No its not possible to backup SBS 2008 on remote share / network share. Ill like to inform you that BS 2008 backup program needs a "block" device for the backup purpose. remote share / network share drives are not block device. However if you attach a storage scsi device and mount it like USB then you can backup your SBS 2008. In short SBS allows backup only on local and not on attached drives or on network share, hope that's clear.

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    Re: backup SBS 2008 on remote share / network share

    SBS Backup needs to have complete control over the drive and you cannot store any data in the same. Anyways you can check out wbadmin.exe console command. I am not sure but you can create a schedule for full & system state restores to a local folder/remote network share.

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