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Thread: SBS 2008 routing and remote access problem

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    SBS 2008 routing and remote access problem


    I'm new to this networking thing but i managed to set up a 2003 server in our office a few months ago.

    Now we want to replace it with a new sbs 2008 server but we don't want to migrate the domain settings.

    I managed to install and configure the routing and remote access, the dhcp and the dns server. But here something went wrong.

    -The sbs server has internet access.
    -Computers connected to the network get the ip adress, dhcp server, gateway adresses as expected: gateway is the sbs 2008 server, as is the dhcp

    - the network computers don't have internet, i tried setting the dns server to the sbs 2008 server and directly to the provider's dns servers but none of the above work

    - when the sbs 2008 firewall is enabled i don't see the domain name, when i disable the firewall i can see the domain name when i connect a pc to the network (however this does not resolve my internet issue)

    Does anyone have any suggestions on where i might screwed it up?


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    Re: SBS 2008 routing and remote access problem

    Did you allowed SBS 2008 BPA to be integrated into the console at the time of installation? If not, then simply download and update the same and then run a scan. See it is able to find any problems. For more info on this, check out this KB describing Windows Small Business Server 2008 Best Practices Analyzer

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    Re: SBS 2008 routing and remote access problem

    I think the mistake was, as you said, you installed RRAS. You must know hat RRAS is not compatible with SBS 2008 because you only can have one NIC. By the way how many NICs have you installed on the server? Also as far as DNS is concerned, is automatically installed as a part of the integrated SBS install. Hope you dint do something else.

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    Re: SBS 2008 routing and remote access problem

    Yep, Tanvir is correct. 2 NICs scenario is no more supported in SBS 2008. Similar to SBS 2003 you cannot use SBS 2008 server as the gateway with multiple NICs. What I can suggest you is rerun the CTIW to configure the gateway address properly.

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