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Thread: Unable to establish the VPN connection. (Error 800) in SBS 2003

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    I need some help to configure a vpn connection. I am not able to get do that. I am getting a error related to that. There is a error number 800. What is it actually. I had contacted my friend who mailed me the settings and it is exactly the same. There is no issue with that. From my point it looks that I am not able to configure some security parameters due to which I am facing the issue. Can anyone guide me. I am not willing to modify anything here.

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    There are around 5 different pptp ports available in SBS. You have to ensure that the vpn is configured properly so that all the ports are allowed. They must not be blocked by the firewall. That is one of the most common issue that many people face. The security settings are required to adjust well or else the issue will be common. You can face trouble with vpn or any other stuff but it is necessary that vpn must work well.

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    As per the description that you had mentioned it looks there are more vpn connection. I think there is more than one vpn connection due to which you are getting that error. I am also having a SBS 2003 server and while working on ISA. I had just re-installed the same and things are fine. There is no issue with that. You can also try to reset ras settings and then check again. I am sure there is any option available for the same.

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    Re: Unable to establish the VPN connection. (Error 800) in SBS 2003


    I can't do it internally or externally. It can not be a problem of a Firewall or DNS as it is working sometimes after I reboot the router.

    To Marina:
    I couldn't fix the problem of task offloading on the weekend we had huge problems with our Internet connection here in the whole area. I hope I can try this on Wednesday evening.

    I will keep you informed.


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    Re: Problem accessing certain websites

    Dear Sir :
    I saw your artcile about the problem in the ISA server 2004 in the website and i have the same problem with little different and I hope you can help me in this matter ,
    What is happened with me actually some of the client accidently disconnected from the internet and they cannot come back to the internet until I uncheck the web proxy setting from the IE , some time when I restart the computer the problem solved and everything goes fine , any way I try to trace the problem in the log and I had received many errors some of them that the ISA receive “ spoofing signal from the user” other errors say that the “Isa server not allow the request “ and so on ,any way I attached the log file with this email and I hope I receive reply from your side,

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    Re: Unable to establish the VPN connection. (Error 800) in SBS 2003


    I've just been through all these posts which is very helpful but i seem to have the same issue "Unable to establish the VPN connection. (Error 800)" in SBS 2003. The VPN works internally (through the WiFi connection) but not when i put my 3G dongle in. Looked on my Router PPTP is forwarded to my server ip TCP 1723 is Enabled. I've run "netstat -ano" on the client laptop to see if port 1723 is Listening for PPTP but its not in the list. Its weird because it works locally but not if it going through the cloud (as it were)

    Any help on this would be much appreciated :)

    Thanks Marcus

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    Re: Unable to establish the VPN connection. (Error 800) in SBS 2003

    Hi Marcussbs2003,

    The issue that is occuring because the Configure E-mail and Internet Connection Wizard (sometimes known as CEICW) does not enable PPTP connections through the Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) firewall. To resolve this issue, enable PPTP through the ISA firewall by using one of the following methods given here -

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