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Thread: Trying to connect to exchange with an iPhone

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    As my title says, I’m trying to setup exchange my iPhone but not getting it done. I followed the proper steps which is as follows: Went to iPhone settings, tapped Add Account > Microsoft Exchange > enter email, domain, username, & password > Next. But it gives me an error saying “Unable to Verify Certificate.” When I tried to automatically discover account settings it says “the certificate from "" could not be verified.”

    Still I pressed Accept, then entered server "", next and saved. Then I opened Mail, account name and tapped Inbox. Here it says “Cannot Get Mail. The connection to the server failed.”

    Am I making any mistake or missing something? Somebody please help.

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    Before I could answer I would like to know something. Did you run CEICW to enable Outlook Mobile Access? Have you installed E2003 SP2? Also are you able to sync any other mobile phone such as Windows Mobile with Exchange Activesync?

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    I have never done this personally but as your question was interesting I tried Googling for the same and found a Microsoft KB describing Step-by-Step Guide to Deploying Windows Mobile-based Devices with Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 SP2. You can check it here

    Other than this, even Apple has provided a guide for setting up iPhone with Microsoft Exchange Server:

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    Re: OMA 1503 and ActiveSync 3005 errors

    Did you ever figure out the cause? I have the same error messages on my exchange 2003 server. Mobile Active Sync users sync fine for a few minutes then don't then do then don't.

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    Re: Trying to connect to exchange with an iPhone

    I have been using push email with my iphone for over a year ...

    We recently had an outage at our data centre which meant our exchange server was push stopped working and AD account locked out when the system was bought back on line. After getting my account unlocked the push email seemed to work again however it now takes up to an hour for a new email to come through and even then I usualy have to go into the mail folder for the emails to sync. Im not too sure what setting may have changed during the outage to cause this.

    I am able to send outgoing emails (sometimes) howeve there is a lag with this aswell .. before I would usualy get my email on my Iphone before it hit my outlook client.

    If anyone can help that would be great!

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