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Thread: 11001: Host not found. Source: DNS error

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    11001: Host not found. Source: DNS error

    I want to bypass certain website or domains in ISA 2004 and came across KB838708 article. I then followed it and thought that it would work, but I was getting the below error:

    Error Code: 11001: Host not found
    Background: This error indicates that the gateway could not find the IP address of the website you are trying to access. This is usaually due to a DNS-related error.
    Source: DNS error

    I then tried to restore ISA 2004 backup and running the CEICW wizard to let this thing resolved, but still I am getting the same error. I am able to ping google, yahoo, from inside the network. I am also to access OWA, RWW, and push email but I cannot seem to be able to browse any websites and getting error 11001. Any help would be welcomed.

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    Re: 11001: Host not found. Source: DNS error

    What do you mean by bypass? When I want to block sites then I sign up for and use Or I make domain entries on the server's dns that points to fake ips. I was also having some problems with ISA that went away after 24 hours. I think that if I was not using the cache then I would not have problems as the server would go out to server the request instead of first checking the cache and serving off of the cache.

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    Have you tried to run "nslookup" or any other website that fails in command prompt and post out the result? Also, when you are running nslookup, then can you try to monitor ISA log and post the relevant line?

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