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Thread: My documents folder redirection

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    My documents folder redirection

    I have planned to redirect my documents folder for all my domain users using the "configure my documents redirection" in the server management console of the domain controller(SBS).In this regard the first option (redirect all my documents folders to the default shared folder for users on the small business server) has been greyed out.

    Can anybody explain the reason for this and any other solutions for the same?


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    I had not heard that kind of issue before. But still you can begin fixing the problem by verifying the setup and security. You have to verify the same by locating settings related to user's shared folder. I am sure it will work and will allow you to setup the same. There is a tab called as more information that will allow you to get a bit detail about the redirection wizard. It is a permission problem only. To fix this you can simply try to create a separate location and just avoid redirection and then see.

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    As per your problem it looks the option which enable the redirection of my documents folder to default shared folder is not working. So that is why you are not able to configure Document Redirection Wizard. Just check once that the User Shared Folder already exist. If it not then just create it once. Then check the permission and ensure that it is shared and has appropriate access. Set full control for Domain Admins, Domain Users and SBS Folder Operators.

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