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Thread: WSUS 3.0 clients failed with error 0x80244019

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    WSUS 3.0 clients failed with error 0x80244019

    I am working on a very large network. There are around 300 computers. I am not sure about the other branches there will be more. Now the problem lies with WSUS. There are some set of updates which are shown in the list. I approved all of them. But still those clients are not receiving any updates. It is a bit annoying and somehow I am not able to figure out the cause behind the same. I tried to resync windows a number of time and also tried to re-manage the update server but that also did not worked.

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    It looks in your case self update is not at all working. Due to which you are getting the problem. You have to either reconfigure IIS or start working manually from scratch. The updates are listed but the clients failed to receive them. There can be problem with the desktop also in receiving the files and I think that can cause the problem. You can first check out the port that is by WSUS. If it is limited or scanned then you must configure the settings of antivirus not to stop it. Did you performed any version recently or there is any local sql server. There are number of things that lies here and can be reason behind the problem.

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