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Thread: WSUS 2.0 w/SP1 Download

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    WSUS 2.0 w/SP1 Download

    How am I suppose to download the Microsoft WSUS 2.0 from this link - Whenever I am trying then I get an error mmessage while downloading. It seems to me that it is not available on the microsoft's website. I dont want to install the 3.0 version now, so are there any different places from where I can get the setup package. Thanks.

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    I think that WSUS 2 is not available for download since it is not a supported product anymore. The only version that you can get is WSUS 3.0 with service pack 1 I guess. And to confirm that, read from the FAQ's, they have mentioned it: WSUS 2.0 SP1 support will end April 2009 -

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    I have WSUS 2.0 for you. WSUS 3.0 is a slow, clunky piece of crap. I don't blame you for wanting 2.0. It works so much better. The file is about 160 MB and includes everything you need. How do you want me to send it to you?

    please email me at for a copy of wsus 2.0 sp1

    I appriciate a copy of the WSUS 2.0 software for my ageing W2K server. Please is it available as a download?

    I'm also looking for WSUS 2.0 sp1...will hate to think my last week of work building a win2k server is in vain...

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    Re: WSUS 2.0 w/SP1 Download

    I found it on a mirror here

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