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Thread: WSUS 3.0 SP1 KB948014 shows needed even though roll is not install

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    I am not having WSUS installed in my system. My update shows KB948014 is needed. I had not yet updated my system. I am trying to find some way by which update can ignore those which are not installed. But it looks there is no similar solution available that can do this. I had tried to run the same with the help of some normal WSUS update methods, but that did not provided me any more help. I had forced to install the same, it did not worked out.

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    I think you can leave it as it is. As if it is listed under the update, it will be downloaded automatically. One thing that I had notice after adding KB940518 that it add installation roles to Server Manager in WSUS. But there is nothing installed in the same. While KB940518 already comes in Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 2 and Windows
    Server 2008 R2. And KB948014 has the actual _BITS_ which are required to run the update service in server. If you do not have WSUS then there are two things you can try.
    First you can try to install with the help of a installer and second by setting up as role in WSUS through Microsoft Update or any other local WSUS server.

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    I am not sure bout the steps that you had mentioned. My status is not yet changed to install here. Still its shows me that KB948014 is required for setup. Removing the approval for detection can give you some help but it is not at all a valid decision. Once the update is installed the status changes automatically. To some extent it is far more important if you can concentrate on security updates. I never had issue related to them.

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    Re: WSUS 3.0 SP1 KB948014 shows needed even though roll is not install

    I had faced the same issue and it got solved. I had manually installed the updates on WSUS servers. After a while it showed the status as installed. Thanks for all the above workaround.

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