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Old 08-07-2008
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Sony Ericsson W350i Walkman Mobile Phone

Walkman mobile phone Sony Ericsson W350i

Sony Ericsson W350i


With market prices at the 150th - € (without contract) is still quite fresh Sony Ericsson W350i a lucrative job at the large fleet of Sony Ericsson Walkman phones. For invested money, the buyer will get woth this mobile phone, a optical & portable mp3 player which are available in four different color.(Our test model in Elektric Black). The cell phone is for this price category with compelling features - high quality Headphones, EDGE, a radio and a 1.3 MP camera are also on board as a 512 MB Micro memory card. The main focus lies with the W350i Buyer but on the Walkman function with very slight control - the main functional elements were below the display equal to them. Only if the flap with the Walkman controls opens, is the complete selector. We were now curious to see how the W350i in practice test suggests here cheaper price, modern design and good performance?


The battery compartment cover is quite thin, but stable and is also fit

Young and fashionable look - the slightly rubberized back also appears high

Volume buttons usually fitted clean

The folding mechanism works based on the thin flap, but in practical use is stable

Processing feature

1. The first impression of optical / special features to support the design - Young mobile folding the flap at the bottom of the housing is not a new idea. Even older models have had such a flap.

2. Housing material / surface quality - Matterial plastic, sometimes slightly gummed with metallic accents, here in Orange. Very high-quality material appearance for the price category.

3. Housing dimensions - With a weight of only 75 grams is the W350i a light weight and dimensions of 104x43x10, 5 mm, it is very good in the hand. No problems, the mobile phone space in nearly every pocket.

4. Quality of the keys - Plastic keys with a steady, but slightly swift pressure point, the keys appears at first sight with practice, disclosed but in daily use functional deficiencies. The buttons are not limited to, so it slips for example, when typing SMS slightly to unintended and buttons from opposite.

5. Quality (sharpness / resolution) of the display - TFT display with 262,144 colors and a resolution of 176x220 pixels. Colour good and clear presentation, only minimal weaknesses in complex color transitions.

6. Implementation of the folding or sliding - Stable-looking folding mechanism, despite the thin material, in addition to the fold the operation for the Music Player installed.

7. Quality of the battery cover - The battery compartment cover is fit, although at first glance something cheap, fragile and thin.

8. The quality and extent of the supplied accessories - USB cable, software, user manual, stereo headphones, charger; 512MB memory card included in the package - very good.

9. Conclusion processing - The modern folding phone with his youthful design consists of dull plastic and is handy with very small dimensions and weight well in hand. The keys disappointed with the slightly spongy pressure point and the slight slippage to other keys. 262,144 colours on the screen clearly. Battery compartment cover and lid are quite thin, but it will prove practical operation as a surprisingly robust. The accessories offers a l?blichen extent, as a memory card with 512 MB included.
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Old 08-07-2008
Join Date: Sep 2005
Posts: 1,427
Business Features

1. Supported networks - Triband, GSM: 850, 900, 1800, 1900, GPRS

2. Bluetooth / infrared / wireless / USB - Bluetooth 2.0, USB, EDGE

3. Reception and voice quality - Even if only sufficient network covering the W350i comes with a good reception quality. The mobile sounds at normal volume & is not very balanced, which seems a bit high. Here we would have expected something more.

4. Voice quality when the speaker - Moderate playback turned-sounding speakers, slight distortions

5. Battery life (with normal use) - Max. 3 Tage 3 days

6. Storage facilities contacts - Name, number, e-mail, Web address, picture, tone, title, company, street address, city, state, zip code, country; private: street address, city, state, zip code, country; Info, Birthday

7. Profiles - Normal, Meeting, vehicle operation, outside, headset, home, office, the preset profiles can be individually adapted to their own needs.

8. Calendar options - Week View, New date: subject, start time, duration, memory: 5, 10, 15, 30 minutes before the beginning date; details: location, description, all day: on / off, repeat: none, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly; new date; expanded search, reminders, the top day; delete: 1 day old, 1 week old, all; Help

9. Notes function - Channels: Add symbol, writing options: writing language, dictionary (T9), My words, dictionary, proposals; direct input; copy and paste everything copy, highlight and copy, paste; Info: T9, writing tips, send via Bluetooth, email, MMS, SMS, in standby show

10. Integrated Voice Recorder (dictaphone) - "Entertainment" the user finds the menu item "sound record". As with almost all Sony Ericsson models, also the user no preparation time. The recording starts immediately after the selection of the point. The inclusion is in the background noise with a slight overcast and at higher volume heavily overdriven. For middle-level can be done with the result but satisfied. Equipment - Voice Memo: Record, send as e-mail, MMS or via Bluetooth; rename; use as ringtones, alarm, signal intelligence, contact ringtone; Manage file: copy, move or rename; Info: name, created / um, size , Length, file type, position, disclosure; sound recordings

11. E-mail functionality - Connection: POP3 or IMAP4. The set of e-mail accounts in a few steps. The downloading of the settings takes some time to complete. Law fast retrieval and downloading of e-mails as of YahooGo.

12. Internet functionality - Google is as Home preinstalled. The loading of the Internet sites should only take a little time, although there is no UMTS on board .. The presentation is clear and easy to read.

13. PC synchronization - Easily synchronize the entire data with Outlook. The required USB cable and the associated software are included in the package.

14. Further facilities - Tasks, timer, alarm clock, stopwatch, calculator, memo code.

15. Conclusion - The triband mobile phone operations with EDGE and Bluetooth for a consistent data transmission. Almost 3 days battery life for the W350i are in order. Calendar, profiles, contacts and notes settings correspond to the usual standard and should not be criticized. The voice recorder leaves in the background of the host unfortunately audible noise and the user has no preparation time, since it starts immediately. The desired email account is easy to set and retrieve the mail is very fast. Quickly finding and opening the respective Internet sites and good representation fill the scoring account. The PC synchronization with Outlook running (as otherwise expected) smoothly and without errors. In addition, the W350i on a timer, Wecher, stopwatch, calculator and code Memo (encrypted notes).

Multimedia features

Buttons on the door to use the MP3 player


1. Camera equipment - 1.3 megapixel camera with digital zoom 4fachem all documents; recording mode: Normal, frame, image size: 1MP, VGA (640x480), QVGA (320x240); night mode: on / off; Self: on / off; effects, b / w, negative, sepia, WB: automatic, daylight, cloudy, fluorescent lamp bulb; image quality: normal, fine, 4 shutter sounds, save destination: Memory Stick or phone memory, and the additional settings are easy to find and handle Zooming is using the image size 1 MP is not possible. There must be a smaller image size in order to be able to use it. No post-processing facilities.The result can be used as wallpaper, screen saver, start-up screen or touch screen is used. Similarly, copy, move and highlight possible. View: timeline view, 2x2 miniatures, miniature list, list; The photo also informs about: name, created / um, image size, file type, location and disclosure. send as MMS, email, blog, via Bluetooth; symbols, rotate, delete, slideshow

2. Camera quality - In bright light and normal lighting conditions, the W350i with other competitors. Colors and shapes are clearly displayed. In the darkness must be strong but with restrictions - and this is like most followed.The night mode achieved the results no W350i, which are usable. Contours are hardly discernible, and also disrupts strong noise.

3. Video camera equipment - Play the video, but not record.

4. Video quality - Good presentation of videos with little cloud pixels. As described above, the W350i can only play but not record.

5. Facilities of the built-in music player - My music, settings: Play: random playback: on / off; loop: on / off; equalizer: Normal, Bass, Mega Bass, language, height increase; visualizations: Cover; Skins: white skin, orange skin,; file: send as MMS, e-mail or via Bluetooth, information: name, created / um, size, length, file type, position, disclosure; delete; playlist store; Playable formats: MP3, AAC

6. Sound quality of the music player - The quality of the MP3 player (Walkman) is pretty good and the lightweight, easy handling the user can easily create playlists. The speaker is not optimally positioned, but still the songs you want to play acoustically perfect. In the mid-and low sounds playing well. The bass seems balanced and booms hardly have enough votes presence. In high is the sound slightly garish - well, that means the built quite effective EQ intervene. Then the W350i is also extended to the hearing. The headsets not only visually stylish, but also achieved a dynamic, clear sound with surprisingly good fine dynamics.

7. Radio yes / no, sound quality radio - FM radio with TrackID, 20 channels places; Sender: save, delete, replace, rename, delete all automatically save; speakers, set frequencies, RDS, Mono, minimum. Sound Review: The representation of the channel is quite good, but must partly minimal scratching in the background. Channel name will be displayed, but only the frequency of the transmitter is can be saved.

8. Storage capacity - 14 MB internally for user data and expandable up to 2 GB using Memory Stick Micro

9. Conclusion - The photographic equipment is easy. The quality of the results are for "only" 1.3 MP quite well. Photo lamp is not available and therefore can be reached in the darkness no usable results. Video clips can not but be played. Very clearly and easily can be integrated MP3 player use. A radio has the Sony Ericsson also, which seats with 20 channels, easier to control and almost sound good scores. The W350i has 14 MB internal memory and is expandable up to 2 GB.

The headset works with high quality and also sounds pretty good

MP3 player with a clearer view

Handling / menus

The plug in Control of the W350i

Navigation unit and additional shortcut keys that are easy to handle


1. One-hand operation for the main functions - yes

2. Call (Using menu "contacts") - simply add new contacts

3. Readability of the display - On the day and at night very good readability of the display. In direct sunlight, the user restrictions on the part of readability in terms of purchasing. However, it also, as in most other cell phones, on the attitude of the subject and background image. Only a few models can be a very good readability even with strong external light guarantee.

4. Pressure point of the keys - Light slipping on adjacent keys, because there is no limit - see processing standings.

5. Handling the navigation elements to look up the menus - Good handling of the navigation unit and ease of use.

6. Clarity of the menus - Menu with not too many sub-points.

7. Extent of the menus - Some reasonable extent with adequate menu menu items.

8. Graphic design of the menus - Simple but modern graphic design with a clear menu icons. The menu style in File Manager design be changed 5 designs (issue) are available.

9. Opportunity for the assignment of shortcut keys - The navigation key, as with most mobile phones, to shortcut. The right is a button to quickly enter the menu and links to the calls.

10. Conclusion - The simple run, and adding contacts and in the normal light good readability of the display speak for the W380i. The fairly straightforward, clearly designed menu has a meaningful and timeless designed menu included. The simple operation of the photo / video camera, the walkman and the simple handling when SMS / MMS write a further plus points. In addition, the Sony Ericsson memory cards quickly and easily read and play back the data.

Total Conclusion

The Sony Ericsson is like a small portable music player designed

The Sony Ericsson W350i offers an average market price is very well equipped. The flap with the controls below simplify the operation of the MP3 player. praise the 1.3 MP camera with good results in normal lighting conditions. The internal Walkman comes with good sound and easily operated equipment.
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Old 10-07-2008
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Nice phone and features.
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