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Old 24-06-2008
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Motorola RAZR 2 V9 Mobile Phone

Motorola RAZR 2 V9 Mobile Phone


The Motorola RAZR 2 V9 is a high-quality folding phone with glass and metal elements - that is the identical design as the already tested Motorola RAZR 2 V8. The amount of equipment is quite rich. What is missing at the first glance. A 2-MP camera with photographic and video capabilities, an MP3 player, and the user through sensor keys. HSDPA with 3.6 Mbps also on board - the RAZR 2 V8 this option had not yet and was limited to EDGE. The contact management and calendar function presents itself mature. We have chosen to establish whether the current highest RAZR expansion stage an elegant design with high quality, practical technology can be combined.


The battery compartment cover is very good

Controls regulating the volume

The folding mechanism works stable and sound

Processing feature
  1. The first impression of optical / special features to support the design : elegant and refined acting folding cell phone in glossy look in the typical style RAZR
  2. Housing material / surface quality : Glass, high surface quality
  3. Quality of the keyboard : Metal keyboard without boundaries of the keys, but with steady pressure point
  4. Quality (sharpness / resolution) of the display : Outside - display with 65,536 colors and a resolution of 240x320 pixels;: TFT display with 242,144 colors and a resolution of 320x240 pixels, quite sharp, good black
  5. Implementation of the folding or sliding : stable-looking folding mechanism, which even after prolonged use, not a game gets
  6. Quality of the battery cover : Metal battery compartment cover with a slightly rubberized cover and very good fit
  7. The quality and extent of the supplied accessories : Manual, charger, headset, USB cable, software
  8. Conclusion : The modern look of glass-metal combos with a slightly rubberized plastic, normal weight and handy forms, speak for the V9. The metal keyboard comes with steady pressure point. The TFT display, interior, with its 242,144 colors, images and videos good, but slightly blas dar. for the external display 65,536 colors shine in an orderly quality. The battery compartment cover is made of metal fit.


Headset Controller


Easy to use, good sound: The built-in MP3 player

The integrated speaker is unfortunately something unfavorable on the back of the V9 positioned

Multimedia Feature
  1. Camera equipment : 2 MP with 8x digital zoom; style: colour, black and white, bluish, antique, reddish, greenish, negatives; Exposure: -2, -1, 0, +1, +2; Lighting: automatic, sunny, cloudy, indoor (Home), interior (office), darkness; Resolution: Small (240x320), Low (480x640), Medium (1.3 MP), high (2.0 MP); quality: good, better, best; Shutter: none / e, chimpanzee, Quak, Flix, Boing, click; self-timer: 5 or 10 seconds, switch free storage space; go to images; post-processing options: full screen, a new image to upload blog, send: in the message or via Bluetooth, used as wallpaper, screensaver, phone book entry; printing options: delete, move, copy; properties: File Details: Title, Publication date: am / um, size, type, resolution, storage date, Forward, use possible ; Images setup, no direct processing facilities such as sharpness regulate, crop or adjust color possible
  2. Camera quality : In normal light and bright conditions can be satisfied with the result. The photographed objects are displayed in an orderly quality, colors appear relatively neutral, also fits the image sharpness. In the darkness, the results are, in spite of "darkness - setting" simply unusable. Colors and shapes are completely washed out, there is virtually nothing on the image.
  3. Video camera equipment : 2x zoom, style, exposure and lighting, for camera settings; Setup: Video Quality: Good, Better, Best, Video Length: MMS maximum; sound record: on / off; Spiegelverkehrt: on / off; change memory: phone memory or memory card; free space ; Go to videos; photo mode; post-processing options: full-screen playback, listen via Bluetooth; rebuild: video, send via Bluetooth; options: delete, move, copy; properties: File Details: Title, Publication date: am / um, length, size, type , Storage date, Forward, use possible, no processing facilities - as in camera
  4. Video quality : In normal light and bright conditions the results are good, object outlines are understandable and relatively sharp. For the V9 speak the natural colors. For faster movements are strong pixel clouds inevitable. is therefore a steady hand to preserve. The results in the filming in the dark are unusable.
  5. Facilities of the built-in music player : Forward, Rewind, Pause, Stop, last played, all the songs, Playlist, artists, albums, genres; listen via Bluetooth, send via Bluetooth; options: delete, move, copy; Properties / file details: Title, release date. am / um length, size, type, date storage, Forward, possible use, music Setup: automatic repetition, shuffle: on / off, 3D Audio: on / off.
  6. Sound quality of the music player : The integrated speaker is unfortunately something unfavorable on the back of the mobile phones positioned. It is a piece of sound quality. At normal settings can be satisfied with the playback, which is quite good but with different options can be improved - the bass comes with more wealth effect, and the vocal presence of voices can be enhanced. The included Headphones are surprisingly well - while offering different counterparty (Samsung SGH-U900), a dynamic sound again, but the pleasant, clear sound of the V9 can see - or rather "listen".
  7. Radio yes / no, sound quality radio : No
  8. Storage capacity : 45 MB internal memory and expandable up to 4 GB
  9. Conclusion : With a mediocre camera equipment reached the V9 average grades. The good results in photo and video recordings under normal lighting conditions speak for the V9. In the darkness, however, we can literally in the rain because no usable results. The music player is equipped and surprised with good sound despite unfavourable positioned speakers. A radio is not integrated, which is included with this price should be. 45 MB internal memory for user data are quite passable, thanks MicroSD cards is the Motorola up to 4 GB expandable.

Total Conclusion

Motorola RAZR 2 V9 Snaps

Motorola RAZR 2 V9 Pics

The Motorola RAZR V9 uses optical accents - glass and metal in combination with barely visible plastic makes for a noble appearance and a pleasant feel. The relatively extensive equipment includes everything for the user of interest. Thanks to faster processor and the HSDPA V9 compared with the V8 in all aspects of application planners, it is not going to Internet sites still in operations within the very extensive menu to time delays. The voice and sound quality are excellent. The 2-MP camera supplies in the photo and video area in normal light conditions good results. Unfortunately, the Motorola in the dark with other competitors do not keep pace and bad cuts here, because there is no useful results. The sound of the built-in MP3 player - despite the somewhat awkward positioned speaker - convincing. If you use the included headset and effective options of Music Players use can do more acoustic intensity out.
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