Samsung F480 Player Style

The Samsung F480 Player Style hunting on the lands of the best-selling LG Viewty integrating a good photo module, compatibility HSDPA (3G +), an interface innovative touch screen and a reagent. It is a good alternative that has its place between an iPhone and a Viewty.

Samsung SGH-F480 Player Style Pics

More : Touchscreen reagent, new interface original widget, and compact design, hsdpa.

Less : Audio Jack owner, autonomy light.

Samsung SGH-F480 Player Style Photo

The Samsung F480 Player Style advance ideal dimensions of 95.9 x 55 x 11.5 mm. Smallest with Viewty, its direct competitor, its low gauge emerges nevertheless an impression of solidity. The metal finishes, leather flap and quality of materials used confirm this first impression. With the Player Style F480, the Korean manufacturer generous in its market to other manufacturers. If the design is not very far from a Samsung Armani, it is more reminiscent of an "iPhone Nano." If the design is not very far from a Samsung Armani, it is more reminiscent of an "iPhone Nano." The packaging compartment reminder fabrications LG, the new interface feeds mainly Widgets in the image of a Windows Vista, the menu and graphic effects are thinking about the iPhone.

Samsung SGH-F480 Player Style Wallpaper

A screen finally reagent, a practical and innovative interface
The previous mark of the tactile Korea we had a little disappointed. Whether it's big brother F490 or small frimeur Armani, they suffered both a touch screen too little to shake the reagent Viewty or worry about the iPhone. Both Samsung demanded strong pressure approximate and the use of the fingernail rather than finger to operate properly. Samsung has finally understood the lesson and is a real pleasure to find on this model of tactile sensations near an iPhone. Even if the screen is not very big (2.7 inches against 3.2 inches for the F490 and 3 inches for Viewty) it is bright and its high reactivity associated with technology haptic (force feedback to each finger pressure) offers a pleasant and efficient navigation.

Samsung SGH-F480 Player Style Screenshots

The second pleasant surprise concerns the interface that borrows cleverly Widgets a Windows Vista that you can drag and drop on the home screen. This is good idea to LA this ergonomic Player Style. Called TouchWiz, this interface "Drag'n'Drop" can create its own custom office. Practical and fun, these Widgets offer comfort and ease of use able to compete with the Mac OS X 's iPhone!

Photophone, multimedia, but the Internet is not its strongest
Despite its 5-megapixel, APN's F490 we were disappointed. If the F480 uses the same resolution, the picture is made much more satisfactory! If it seems less effective than the benchmark, Viewty, Player Style achieves good shots without chromatic aberrations even indoors, and barring an inefficient and a stabilizer autofocus a little slow, it will give you full satisfaction for the photo . The video mode is more disappointing with the familiar limitation to 320 x 240 pixels.
The media player offers everything you need, Bluetooth A2DP, an FM RDS tuner, compatibility MPEG4 video, the sorts of songs by artist, playlists, an equalizer directly accessible again simplicity and efficiency are the watchwords. For storage, next to the internal memory of 235 MB you will find the traditional slot for microSD cards HC. Only critical, the return of the headphones proprietary format! The F490 had yet a standard jack handy, why this backwards?

Samsung SGH-F480 Player Style with 5 MegaPixel Camera

Many regret the lack of Wi-Fi, because all users can purchase a subscription DATA using the HSDPA network (3G +) Player Style F480. Anyway, the Internet is not the strong point of this phone. The browser NetFront Access is not particularly bad, but the screen size and the obligation to scroll horizontally will quickly fill your patience.
Level software, you will find a video editor, a reader of Office documents, PDF and RSS feeds. With its 11 mm thick, there were some concerns about autonomy. The F480 is not a marathoner, you must settle for a little over 3 h 30 of autonomy and 350 hours of standby.

With the Player Style F480, Samsung offers a mobile really touch. More needs to force as a bully or use a pen or his finger, touch is a flower of life… In addition to the responsiveness of the screen, the new interface Widget provides a real pleasure to use. We can regret the absence of Wi-Fi, but finally went rapidly than Internet use is not his first, despite the integration of 3G network +. Apart from an audio output owner and autonomy light, mobile bluffing us by its simplicity, its ergonomics and its small size.

Display / Features: 2.7 inches

Description: 3G +, APN 5 megapixels, widget way Windows Vista and touch screen almost as effective as the iPhone.

Weight: 101 g