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Thread: Too Human The Action RPG based Game

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    Too Human The Action RPG based Game

    The first installment of the series, Too Human is an action RPG based around Norse mythology.

    Players will assume the role of Baldur, a member of the Aesir and a God in the form of a cybernetic human. Utilizing automatic cameras, analog stick melee combat, and deep RPG features, the game drops the player in the middle of a battle between the Gods of the Aesir and the invading machines that threaten them.This dark moody game takes place in the future when humans are half cybernetic. As John Franks, you progress through the game upgrading your bionic body. Too Human includes cinematic action and over 80 hours of gameplay.

    Too Human is a dark gloomy action role playing game that takes place in the year 2450 AD where half cybernetic humans are reality. You are John Franks who is in the process of getting your bionic body upgraded. Upgrades include improvement of vision, leg strength, stamina, and more.As the Cybernetic God Baldur, players are thrust into the midst of an ongoing battle that threatens the existence of mankind. An ancient machine presence has forced the God's hand. In the first of a three part trilogy, Baldur is charged with defending mankind from an onslaught of monstrous war machines bent on eradication of human life.

    First things first: Too Human will only support two players co-operatively, not four. According to Dyack, the decision was made after playtesting proved a four player game too hectic. With just two people working against Hel's minions, the team was able create a more focused game with more enemies on screen. You can now begin bemoaning your luck; though after playing a co-op game it's easy to see how things could get too frantic if you doubled the action on screen.The game cooperatively, and discovered that it's incredibly easy to pick up and play. You really only need to manipulate the two analog sticks to start beating down bad guys by the bushel, as the left stick moves your character, and the right stick makes him attack. When you're near an enemy, you can simply flick the right stick in that general direction to charge like a rhino, swinging your weaponBoth classes wield guns, and can use them to blast enemies that have either been knocked down, or up. The guns are also useful against large, heavily armored foes. One in particular was a giant robot with a terrifying hammer fist who was way too big and powerful to take on toe-to-toe.

    Where reality was a gritty alien ruin, cyberspace was a lush and vibrant place seemingly suspended in midair. We roamed around, got some money, unlocked a couple new powers (like one that let us push open large stone doors, or the alien Internet's equivalent of a firewall). Then we popped back out for more two-against-all.Battles unfold in awesome scale as players engage in spectacular battles with vast numbers of enemies.

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    Too Human

    Too Human is one of those games that have crossed all wars: announced at the time of the Playstation, then focused on Nintendo 64 before being cancelled and finally landed finally on Xbox 360! After all this time, difficult to know what to expect. So, pleasant surprise or descend into hell?

    10 years ago ...
    Silicon Knights is a nice Canadian studio headed by the charismatic Denis Dyack. If the name rings hollow in your ear, you should know that he was already responsible for the highly controversial Eternal Darkness on GameCube. It must be said that Denis Dyack did not speak in his pocket. Given the controversy surrounding negative Too Human before leaving, he simply raised against the very active community of a famous American specialized forum. To defend his project (the one that emerged there are now 10 years), Denis Dyack seems ready for anything, even to add. The project Too Human has made his return to the front stage on the sidelines of the Games Developer Conference in February 2008. There are signs that no mistaking: despite a presentation in good and due form and a maximum of revelations, no frenzy, no real excitement. At that time already, we had expressed numerous reservations about the expectations aroused by this title. For us, and for others by the way, the baby seemed Denis Dyack already stillborn.

    The end of the world is near
    However, the packaging is interesting. Singular and original, the world of Too Human was clearly treated. Silicon Knights dares a dangerous mix of Scandinavian mythology and futuristic environment with a penchant to through the Internet. The player Baldur, the son of Odin. The goal is - quite simply - to protect mankind against the machines. But to overcome, the hero has no other choice but to use the cyber technologies. Captivante at first sight, the fabric retains a lot of information about the past and its heroes drift ... It is undoubtedly this aspect combined with a narrative that will slow too quickly spin the players. It feels very quickly lost among the many games that surround us. Cinematic scenes too long, dialogues falsely mysterious ... the staging seems to have been clumsily designed to knock the player. There is also a certain lack of charisma people, including Baldur, the local hero. And when one wants to play with the big boys in addressing an adult audience fan of role-playing or "action-RPG", it immediately becomes more inconvenient.

    What would you, tastes and colors, it does not discuss. Indeed, the universe science fiction well-soaked and game-design the sometimes questionable taste in rebuteront more than one! It's simple, you love it or hate it. But we must acknowledge that Too Human is full of defects quasi playoffs to begin with a paw graphic tasteless. During the adventure, it never stops before a scene to admire its beauty. It is rather short through major corridors sadly empty and invariably obscure: difficult to accept in a game which was ambitious "big show". The environments often are limited to enormous halls cleaned of any subtlety. Afterwards, we will say without doubt that the levels were designed to provide epic battles against a string of monsters, but recognize that the sequence item / cleaning / objects / race leaves as a rear taste of unfinished ... We allow even a comparison, there is certainly a satirical, with some Phantasy Star Online on Dreamcast.

    Again, it is absolutely necessary to love the genre to be able to appreciate the inherent qualities of this Too Human. Hard also dropped this title tent, without really reaching a cocktail between action and RPG. A large gap in the delicate approach that leads to aberrations in the gameplay, especially in regard to the "action" of things. Far too simplistic, the combat system has seemingly not benefited from the same level of involvement than the rest of the game must say that the system used by Silicon Knights is somewhat surprising: the key action is the right analog stick. Not easy to assimilate (especially if one adds to this the system referred assigned to the triggers) and totally illogical especially when one knows that the attacks are carried out in semi-automatic. Unable too, or almost, to dodge enemy attacks, this function is once again particularly poorly managed. Frustrating.

    Sometimes, when one is testing a game, one wonders what has been going through the head of developers. Silicon Knights a widely abused maple syrup when opting for the idea of small fairy who comes back to life hero whenever he perishes. Consternant futility ...! If the system ultimately will prove more accessible to some, the fighting are still too many drafts to offer any sensations. To make matters worse, the camera does not follow all the action which is already not very practical beginning of the game. But while the pace of the fighting intensifies with monsters who tumble by dozens, the situation quickly becomes catastrophic and it was soon to have nausea ... Despite the successful design rather adversaries.

    It's too unfair!
    As far as the purely RPG, Silicon Knights went to skillfully catch good ideas here and there. Note first that the player must select a class of 5 specialties: Commando, Champion, Defender, Berserk and Engineer Bio. Each of them has its own capabilities and while the Berserk is more comfortable , the Commando is intended more to combat rifle. Naturally, the player is gaining experience over the fighting with the possibility of dividing its skill points through two distinct patterns. Linked to the class of our character, the first allows to evolve in some areas. Note that the tree grows as our development in a specific field.

    Based on the same basis, the second tree skills proposes to choose his abilities between two paths, cybernetics and human. What expand a little longer range options and make a smile to all lovers of leveling. Even better, objects to be collected, dispersed among the levels are extremely numerous. The possibilities are numerous, especially if one takes into account only the most courageous will even have the ability to customize certain weapons, while others may have a system equipment more or less automatically. Too bad there are no more interactions and exchanges between players online. Because we remind Too Human proposes two players cooperate online via Xbox Live. A good point that undoubtedly deserve to be exploited in the next two opus, Too Human being announced as a trilogy.

    Too Human himself has dug his grave. Denis Dyack has shown an almost overwhelming narcissism, thinking that all players adhere to its ideology. The result, the gameplay is totally flawed, leading to errors outliers. And if the side RPG is intelligently designed, the many faults of taste come quickly tarnish the adventure. Life is sometimes cruel: Too Human had the potential to become a good game where at least able to meet many players. In the end, the result is not the height. A title that has been killed in the bud, damage.

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    Too Human Online and multiplayer

    Online and multiplayer

    Too Human will allow two players to connect over Xbox Live for cooperative play. This includes a drop in/out system so people can join no matter where they are up to in the game. It is expected that co-op players will be able to take advantage of class combinations to defeat difficult enemies and gather rare items. The player can use the same character in both the solo and co-op mode, so experience points, skill points, weapons, and armor acquired in the solo game can used in co-op, and visa versa. The media releases of gameplay footage have shown an increasing emphasis on teamwork and cooperative gameplay.


    There are 2 different alignments featured in Too Human. The Human alignment deals mostly in skills that increase a character's speed in melee and ranged combat. The Cybernetic alignment deals mostly in skills that increase a character's strength in melee and ranged combat. While it is possible to 're-spec' the skill tree, like the classes, once an alignment is chosen it cannot be changed. Certain armor and weapons can only be used by a character with a certain alignment. After an alignment is chosen, the character also gains access to an enhanced 'Ruiner' attack when the combo meter is at level one or higher. And while the Human alignment has access to an extra skill that allows the character to summon his spiritual companion as his 'Ruiner', the Cybernetic alignment gains different enhanced 'Ruiner' attacks from the weapons he has equipped. The Cybernetic alignment allows the player to use cannons, which are usually much stronger than pistols and rifles. The downside to the cannons is that they significantly slow the character's movement while being used, and they have a much longer reload time. Alignment is not chosen when the character is made, but is instead chosen after the first part of the game is completed.

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    oo Human Xbox 360 console game .

    more screenshot and Review of Too Human Xbox 360 console game

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    I have played this game the gameplay is good the graphic is also pretty good i find the sound a little hhm, but the game is good its fun to play .

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