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    Army Of Two PC Game

    Army of Two is an interesting experiment in the evolution of cooperative play, whether it be gaming alongside a fellow human or depending on a companion artificial intelligence. The gameplay is similar to that in Epic's acclaimed Gears of War, down to similar implementations of a cover system and identical grenade-tossing mechanics.

    Army of Two throws gamers into hot spots ripped from current day headlines where they will utilize unique two-man strategies and tactics while seamlessly transitioning between playing with intelligent Partner AI (PAI) and a live player. When one man is not enough, it will take an army of two to fight through war, political turmoil and a conspiracy so vast it threatens the entire world.Delivering a groundbreaking strategic 3rd person co-op shooter unparalleled in the action genre, EA Montreal's ARMY OF TWO focuses on gameplay centered around TWO man missions, TWO man strategies, TWO man tactics and a TWO man advantage. Fight along side your team-mate to become the deadliest two-man military outfit a government can buy.

    The story of Army of Two takes place across 16 years, centering on Elliott Salem and Tyson Rios, two battle-hardened former Army Rangers that join the private sector as mercenaries for hire. Following their former commander Dalton to Security and Strategy Corporation, or SSC, Salem and Rios are dispatched across the globe to "take care of problems" in warzones while raking in large sums of cash. However, as time goes by, both Salem and Rios start to notice that a number of leaks and secrets seem to coincide with their missions as well as a bill in Congress to fully privatize the military. Trying to get their heads around what's going on, Salem and Rios fight their way through battlefields in a tale of betrayal, conspiracy and revenge

    In many ways, Army of Two feels like the love child of Gears of War and Splinter Cell -- which by most accounts is a beautiful baby. Although the back-to-back and ledge-hopping opportunities are limited, the core of Army of Two's linear levels lies in working with your partner to make effective use of the "Aggro Meter.This invisibility feature, while it sounds cheap and weird, makes total sense. After all, if somebody's shooting at me with a chaingun, you'd better believe I'm going to pay serious attention to that guy and ignore anyone not directly threatening my life. As a result, balancing Aggro and stealth is really what Army of Two is all about. While one player sits behind cover and lays aggravating suppressing fire, the other player can flank the enemy and either perform a stealthy kill or blast them to pieces before they even know what hit them.

    To understand the AI issues, it's important to realize that Army of Two is at its best when playing with a live person. In Campaign Mode, players can start a single-player game, a split-screen game, a public online co-op game and a private online co-op game.There are a large number of objectives scattered throughout the game, such as eliminating specific targets of interest. You'll also be tasked with secondary objectives, such as finding specific items throughout the environment.As a single player experience, Army of Two is a fine game -– one that manages to provide a fun, engaging time despite its length, AI issues and elements that don't seem fully implemented. However, it's really co-op play and multiplayer where the game stands out, and these two modes will most likely keep you playing for a long time.

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    Its Realy Graet. The Grafic Rocks & The Guns, Mission Are Great, Till Now.

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    It Look Good & Sound Better.

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    I Always Liked Two Player Option R The Other Peron Is Play By Game Also

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