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Thread: The FIFA Manager 2009 PC Game

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    The FIFA Manager 2009 PC Game

    Electronic Arts have issued a press release stating that FIFA Manager 09 is under development. Expect the same slick effects and attention to detail EA puts into all their sports titles when it's released for the PC next year.

    FIFA Manager 09 gives you full control over the management of a football club. You are responsible for the line-up, the tactics and the training of your team – as well as for signing the right players, improving the club facilities and the stadium. It is also important that you maintain good relationships with your players, the board, the sponsors and the press. But FIFA Manager 09 goes further.Consistent with the company's improvements on its other football titles, FIFA 2009 exhibited some promising gameplay improvements. Most noticeable is the game's increased responsiveness. Passing, dribbling, and even the physical pushing and shoving that occurs in the game all occur at a much faster and more realistic pace than previous versions of FIFA.

    The game's graphics have traditionally been impressive, and the heightened realism around the animations has a huge positive impact on the overall quality of play. Here's an example: During sliding tackles, the ball-handler can adjust and prevent themselves from falling if their non weight-bearing leg is tackled. Another example is goalkeepers' ability to reach behind their bodies if they misjudge a shot on goal.The game's Story of a Season mode has been fleshed out and expanded to provide more detail on a player's success over the course of a season. The game now features 60 specific screens with statistics and information, as well as 20 videos that are triggered by events like a team's first trip to Europe, or a striker winning the European Golden Boot.

    The words"EA Sports"and"underdog"don't often belong in the same sentence, we know. Somehow, though, we find ourselves repeatedly struggling to avoid mentioning that FIFA Manager 09 is the de-facto underdog to industry standard Football Manager in the space of text-based soccer (or football if you're nasty) simulations. The legendary descendent of Championship Manager still hasn't announced firm plans of its 2009 edition, leaving EA with an opportunity to swoop in and gather fans'hearts with screens and details of a potential FM killer. If EA's preview of the game at the recent Season Opener event in Vancouver is anything to go by, it will have a distinct chance to do so.FIFA Manager has always attempted to differentiate itself from Football Manager by presenting a slicker presentation style more in line with the EA credo.

    Supported software
    Microsoft Windows 2000/XP (Microsoft Windows 95, Windows 98/ME and Microsoft Windows NT are not supported), executable on Microsoft Windows Vista

    Minimum hardware requirements
    • 1.3 GHz Intel Pentium III or equivalent processor
    • 512 MB RAM, 1024 MB recommended (depending on the number of selected leagues)
    • 64 MB (AGP/PCI-E), graphics card (for additional information on supported graphics cards, please check section 10)
    • 4.500 MB available hard disk space

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    It A Great Game, U Can Contor All Ur Player U Can, Own A Club, Buy Ur Selfplayer Asper Ur Choose Its Real Cool. & Im Looking Forward To This Manager Game
    Im exited about the new graphc, players, stadim, it loks dam cool
    I love to own big player soccer is my favorite sport & im geting this when it come. its look good but sombody nows of serbia in this game is to play whit serbia country ??? and of you can play serbia league ?

    I have just got this game a its is Great the graphic are really good . there are many trick in the book . it is a brilliant game there are many things in it, the fifa 09 is also the best Kindly let me know wat is the minimum graphic card requirement for the 3D Match Mode to be functionable

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    Re: The FIFA Manager 2009 PC Game

    A central element of EA Sports FIFA Manager 09 is the matchday itself. The 3D mode offers new improvements, particularly in the areas of graphics, sound and AI. The new, fully customizable user interface in 3D mode gives players direct access to substitutions, tactical changes, and statistics. The text mode has been completely revamped and now features a unique mixture of traditional live commentary and an Internet live ticker. Lots of exciting and informative tools create a high level of transparency and atmosphere.

    • 3D Match Mode - Featuring an all-new 3D graphic engine, enhanced AI, and for the first time, live substitutions and real-time tactical changes.
    • Internet Live Ticker - An all-new text mode with up to 3,000 different actions, include simultaneous broadcasts, live overlays from other arenas, and much more.
    • Match Prognosis - Create the perfect matchup - decide the formation, tactics forms and fitness - then watch the match play out.
    • Realism and Convenience - New areas for staff, expanded merchandise and a youth transfer market, plus improve and expanded sections for formation and tactics.

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    Re: The FIFA Manager 2009 PC Game

    Here are the hardware requirement you need for this great game : FIFA Manager 09 PC Game Launch or not ?

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    Need help
    I always get sacked on begining of new season
    I met all season objectives and I make money during season
    My licence is renewed without any problems and I get sacked anyway

    anybody can help me?

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    Re: The FIFA Manager 2009 PC Game

    Does anyone know why at the begining of every season that i start with my last team i get sacked for the same reason (some missunderstandings with a photographer) regardless of the club that i am managing.
    Maybe is something that i have to make and i don`t know...

    Please help me..


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    Re: The FIFA Manager 2009 PC Game

    hey all buddies please help me ... i can't play the game in 3D mode

    on the other hand today i've installed windows 7 on my computer

    and when i've tried to play the game it didn't start and the messege was

    ( the game couldn't be started you must install intel GMA graphics media accelator )

    and my processor is AMD X4 925

    please help me......thnx

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    Re: The FIFA Manager 2009 PC Game

    I always buy Football and FIFA Manager every year. I like both as they offer a different perspective to football management. There are some things I think FIFA Man does better than Football Manager but on the whole Football Manager is still the superior product. FIFA Man's weak link is the 3D match engine which clearly needs work as it's not up to par with it's counterpart and why I use text mode instead. I stopped using the 3D match engine when Sheffield Weds beat Liverpool 13-0. The 3D match engine in FIFA Man just plays out like a version of FIFA Football.

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    Re: The FIFA Manager 2009 PC Game

    its look good but sombody nows of serbia in this game is to play whit serbia country ???
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    Re: The FIFA Manager 2009 PC Game


    I need some advice on training aspect of the game. I don't know how to make a player's level increase. When you go into the individual player menu in the training sectio, how do you make the individual players skill level increase. My players progress levels always remain at 0% or the progress level decreases. How do you make the levels increase?


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    Re: The FIFA Manager 2009 PC Game

    I had got certain points where the players keep losing points and they are not even aware about the same. For that you can took some precautions. A player looses his skills when your game is really bad in the match. You can improve that by using best tactics and playing style. Avoid your players having a long term injury. If your player shows up a low energy then that means that they are badly trained. Do not focus your players only at one skill.

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