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Thread: Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop 7000

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    Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop 7000

    • Mouse rechargeable
    • A level indicator flashes when it is necessary to recharge the battery.
    • Freedom Wireless.
    • Give yourself the space! The mouse and wireless keyboard let you work without worrying about cumbersome cables.
    • Mini transceiver wireless 2.4 GHz
    • Use easily feature wireless technology through the first connection. Get exceptional performance, without any interference, nearly 10 metres.
    • Viewing snapshot.
    • Your Office contains too many elements open? Click the wheel instantly to view all open windows, then point and click to select them.
    • Design Comfort Curve ultrafin.
    • Discover a position of hands and work very comfortable with stylish and ergonomic keyboard Comfort Curve, and his discreet keys.

    My opinion:

    First I said that my previous mouse was a logitech MX1000 my previous keyboard and a curse comfort microsoft keyboard 2000, this will be my points of comparison. I had a lot of keyboard, microsoft many who do have never disappointed, logitech one who did not leave a good memory.

    1 - The 1st impression is good, the design is very successful for 2 I think, the quality of finish is exelente but I still prefer the mouse, transparent plastic smoked keyboard on the board does not pleasant to me too, it makes it better in the photos I think (it is still very good).

    2 - The keyboard is really very pleasant to use, the keys are very quiet and soft (but probably the best that I have tried so far), he owns a lot of shortcut keys, perhaps even a little too but It is very handy to use. A record 3-sensitive buttons that allow you to choose what you want to throw, rather a lot even if it lacks a little sensibility. The system for the east surelevé thought it allows you to tilt forward or to the "back thanks to rubber feet to the passage cliper which prevents the keyboard slides, the keyboard hook really well at the office . There's no light for the caps lock or digital verroue, surely to save the batteries but heuresement a discreet message appears to screen (bottom right) to let us know. Two alkaline batteries, which normally lasts 6 months, see but I think that is realistic and depend on usage.

    3 - The mouse is quite accurate (1000ppp), I immediately saw the difference with the MX1000 with the same settings, it is really very slight for a wireless (107g), that is something I appreciate particularly since the passage between my Intellimouse explore and MX1000 (167g) a few years ago I was very generous in games (Counter-Strike), even to the point that I stopped to play. Here not a lot of button (5 in all) which its not so bad and the wheel did not catch just average FPS for change weapons (without being too frankly annoying). The mouse is a noisiest that logitech whatsoever that the sliding 2 click buttons right / left. Apparently the mouse did not seem to have a standby mode which is quite good given the time lag that ca occasione, players will appreciate.Another small detail, there is no logo or inscription on the contact zones or buttons which should enable it to have no trace of wear, as I stated after 3 years half back button and the logo of my logitech MX1000 tire frankly mouth. The mouse is rechargeable with a recharging base rather cool and discrete, this is not a battery as the logitech vulgar but a rechargeable battery, the advantage is the weight, the ability to troubleshoot with a AAA battery and of course the possibility to replace one day.

    4 - The drivers are very complete, we can change all the buttons functions both keyboard and the mouse, there is no software residing on the taskbar and installation CD with the original east really very simple, 2 settle at the same time and do not even need a restart. Only default, they do not indicate the battery level, a pity because there is no gauge, only lights "low battery" and charging.

    Conclusion: A good small kit keyboard / mouse, rather high-end, very pleasant to use office equipment and sufficient for players occasionel or not too demanding, the quality seems to be the rendezvous, installation is simple and complete drivers .The support of recharge is discreet even if sometimes it takes 2 or 3 times to put the mouse properly at the beginning and the 2.4 Ghz emeteur is really small, with a good scope. I did not have any bugs or particular problem for the moment, I can not pronounce myself on autonomy since I have just have it. Regarding the price I paid 150 $$, you can find a little less and a little more depending on the sites but the price seems to me at correct range.

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    1200 Rupees for a keyboard.. might consider getting a speaker in that price.

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