Nonglad to present the XG-Station, Asus reveals officially its mother charts Windows Vista at the time of THESE. The manufacturer intends to quickly develop a whole line of mother charts Windows Vista with four key functions which we will develop in the lines which follow. But first of all let us reconsider the arrival of the P5B Premium, a mother chart which succeeds the P5B Deluxe and exploits a chipset Intel P965. This mother chart is distinguished from the P5B Deluxe by its embarked Vista functions. Thus the P5B Premium has a connector TPM which will accomodate module TPM making it possible Vista to ensure the encryption of the data on the hard disks via the function BitLocker Drive.

Better, as we annonšions it to you a few weeks ago, the P5B Premium will be delivered with a module of memory flash directly connected to the chart. Integrating 512 MB of memory flash, the module in question is compatible with the ReadyBoost function of Windows Vista and thus makes it possible to accelerate certain operations of the system. Asus recycles in the passing the remote control which accompanied until now the P5W-DH Deluxe by delivering a new version provided with new keys dedicated to the fast launching of application or to the deactivation and the alarm clock of the system.

Asus P5B Premium and its module integrated flash

Lastly, and it is the cherry on the cake, Asus will deliver the P5B Premium with a small screen LCD external connected in USB to the mother chart. It is about a peripheral retorting the behavior of the system Windows SideShow but using a software owner. That thus makes it possible to return it compatible Windows XP and Windows Vista, at the price it is true of a graphic interface largely less sympathetic nerve. With this small case you will be able to consult, extinguished PC, the weather, your flows RSS or your list of reading iTunes and the last received emails. According to Asus, the new mother charts Windows Vista would be 50 to 60 dollars more expensive than the standard models.