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Thread: Best Live Chat Support Apps for your Website

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    Best Live Chat Support Apps for your Website

    Live Chat tools offer you instant interaction with your users. Ample of website today have an integrated Live Chat support. Some of them use a customize tool which is specially developed for the website and some of them use third party paid software. But you are not aware that there are many free tools also. This article targets some of the best Live Chat tools that you would love to have on your site. This is not complicated to handle. It is easy to configure and install from your back-end. Basically this Live Chat software’s work in two ways. First they come as an integrated add-on for your website CMS and second you can use third part service which adds additional files to your web server. Both are quiet safer to use. Live Chat helps you to add some real time chat support so that your users can simply chat and get information. This is one of the most important qualities of Tech Support, Vendor, E commerce, Service Provider websites. It makes your site live. Because unlike in forums, you have to post a question or raise ticket. Then you have to wait back for the reply. While Live Chat support allows your users to get in touch with your team and this enhances the customer relation. If you had just started a new website and working on low server, then you do not need to worry about the performance. Live Chat support software is design to work in best possible way.

    You just need to ensure that installation goes well. Some of them work on entirely different platform. They do not touch your site code. The admin access is separate to manage chat logs. I had here listed some of the top tools that you can go for. I had tried to put the best point here based on interface and usage. It does not matter what type of website you have. To maintain a good customer relation, you need some way by which you can interact more easily. The same process if carried on phone will add more cost while Live Chat works on web. Second thing, the chat logs helps you to analyze your consumer behavior. They can consult what they want and whey they do not like. They can complain or ask for suggestions. In that way a vendor can improve his product to great extent. On websites like hosting providers, Web Developers, etc you will always find Live Chat support. The reason is technical queries that users normally suffer from. The instant solution helps to develop a good relation where the consumer can stick to the product more. Live Chat support ads a bit boost to your business activity. There is no major investment here. All you need is to setup a team of people who knows the best of your products. Who can help users to solve their quickly as they can. Second you need a good and easy to configure tool. It must have features to add chat logs and server migration.

    Maximum of them comes with easy to use interface and easy integration. You can add up links, promote your product, etc and do lot more things. It is simply not complicated to make this thing work. For those who make a customize website, free from any CMS package, needs to contact the developer. As there can be certain issue with integration. While famous CMS like Vbulletin, Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla, etc comes with LiveChat support. You just need to add a plug-in and then done. Now let’s go with the list of live chat one by one. You can also check for more information on the official website to find the exact details and price info. I hope a number them will be free of cost. You can find better option under open source. But for that you have to research and find tools through Google. There are chances some of them are buggy. I will recommend you to buy those tools which have nice tech support and get regular updates. That’s the best way to stay away from crashes and bugs.

    List of Top Live Chat Software.

    1. HelpDen

    HelpDen comes in two versions. The first one is free and other one under a prescribe pricing. Under pricing there are 2 plans which are $10 and $20 on monthly basis. Compared to free, if you go for the paid plan then you will get online support as additional. While the $20 plan offers you a form designer for customization support. The free version is also not bad. But it has a limitation of using only 1 Agent at a time. That means only user can communicate only with 1 person. The $20 gives you unlimited agent setup. It has a clean and simple interface. Some additional features like Time Tracking and Geo Tracking are kept limited to paid versions only. It has a simple dash board which comes with easy buttons to configure the application. There is a dedicated plug-in of this tool for Wordpress. And it is quiet simple to operate. It is mostly recommend for vendors. Along with the live chat tool, it offers you some type of add-ons to boost your productivity. Like Joomla Plug-in, Drupal Plug-in, etc. So here if your website icon any of this platform then you can simply integrate this with your site.

    2. Kayako

    Kayako is one of the most popular live chat tool and best according to me. It is a bit costly tool but yet recommended for bigger sites. The price plan is divided into two parts which is $29 and $49 per user per month. To some extent this is not recommended if you have a small website. Kayako is one of the widely used live chat tool that is best according tome. Though it is costly, but on the same hand it provides you easy integration support. There is Live Technical team which assists you on dealing with various troubleshooting options. Kayako is more than chat tool. It is Live Desk Support software. Users can login and raise ticket based on issues which can then be handled by assigned tech team. To test the same you can begin with a Trail. The best part to use this live chat tool is that you can easily get mobile platform integration with the same. There are three solutions that Kayako provides.

    They are Kayako Resolve, Kayako Engage and Kayako Fusion. Each of them is charged separately. The first phone Kayako Resolve helps you to get a ticket and email management support while, Kayako Engage help you to have more additional options like remote desktop support and VoIP. The last one Kayako fusion let you have both the option of Resolve and Engage. This is not just a live chat but more than that. You can use this to troubleshoot various issue of your customer and guide them to the right solution. Though it’s a costly product, but still it offers you an enterprise level infrastructure. You do not need to do anything from your. Just integrate the same to your site and one.

    3. LiveChat

    LiveChat is another easy to software. This produce also comes under some pricing plans. This chat tool provides you to fb login. That means your users can contact you with facebook accounts also making it easier for the people in communication. This software is bit more costly. It is comes in Pro version for $249, Premium for $149 and $36 for Basic. The tool offers you an easy interface and better integration. You can begin with a trail version to check the features about the same. Compared to other this service looks a bit overcharged.

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    Re: Best Live Chat Support Apps for your Website

    4. WhosON

    This is the last tool on which I will discuss. It provides you number of options to find live web stats. Also you can find the record of chat done by other also. The tool has a unique feature of providing a web analytic. The tool also features some security stuff where you can protect your chat support. This tool is recommended for an ecommerce type website where users are online to find information various products.


    As you can see above some the best live chat tools. There is a long list here but it is not really worth to discuss. The reason is pricing and other features that you might never use the same. To some extent is quiet a waste of time to look for each and everyone and fine the features. You can randomly choose many software’s from the top list. To some extent it is not quiet complicate to use and configure a Live Chat on your system. It is quiet recommended that you first being with some trial. This trial will help you to understand what features are provided to you. So on that basis you can choose the right plan. Many tools offers you Pro or Premium plan at reasonable rate. IT is not complicated to understand how these tools actually work. For example if you go for Kayako and you do not need a help desk type tool, then is it worth spending there. If you need basic Live Chat integration software then you can look for WhosOn. Maximum CMS comes with plug-in that can offer you free chat software. You can use that to fulfill your basic needs. It is really not important to go for paid software.

    But if you need better management and good support then a dedicated Live Chat tool can help you a lot in many matters. To some extent if you go with core development for such tools you might spend a huge amount on the same. For those who are already working on customized website and spend a huge amount in development will love to have third party support.

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    Re: Best Live Chat Support Apps for your Website

    Thanks for sharing information about live chat support Apps. I heard one more similar Apps named eAssistance Pro live chat software from one of my friend he used this and had good experienced.

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