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Thread: Cisco Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Routers

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    Cisco Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Routers

    Cisco introduced a series of Smart Wi-Fi Routers a couple of months ago. Smart Wi-Fi routers are more featured in comparison to regular one. Wi-Fi routers help you to setup a wireless network in your home and offices. You can then hook up your devices on the same and shared data on it. Wi-Fi routers reduce the cost of settings up physical hardware. Smart Wi-Fi routers are just an enhanced version of what you are using today. What if a router can help you to get 3 times the faster speed, Xbox/PS3 connectivity, compatibility with other media connections, etc. You can use more devices on the network. The best example I can provide is of a Smart TV. A Smart TV has its own rich OS which provides you to run application on it. With wifi support you can stream live channels on it. There is no need to find a special hardware or enable some different network. Smart Wi-Fi routers support many features which are required. First the wifi speed is increases more than 3 times. That means you will not face a slow bandwidth issue on your network. Data would be transmitted a higher speed. This is best if you are streaming media content from NAS devices. At your home you can set up a separate system with your HD movies and then hook it on the wireless network.

    The same data can be stream on Smart TV or your Smartphone or Tablet with high speed usage. The series supports regular wifi standards along with 802.11ac technology. This technology maximizes your network bandwidth. Along with this the router series also comes with Cisco Connect support. Cisco connect is a cloud platform where you can control your devices from anywhere you want. Cisco connect is upgraded to Cisco Cloud Connect which offers you an online virtual platform to access your home network from anywhere you want. You can by registering your network on Cisco Cloud Connect, control your network. You can modify settings instantly, make changes to the network bandwidth, setup guest access, etc and do lot more things. Cisco Cloud Connect a wide range of devices working on single online firmware. All routers under Smart Wi-Fi series support Cisco Cloud Connect. The Cloud Connect helps you to have a web interface of your network. With single tap you can block or grant access to your device. Your Smartphone becomes your virtual remote to control the wireless network.

    This all features are not provided under a regular router. As time goes on we are addicted to new technology. We buy latest Smartphone, tablets, laptops, etc. The same technology is not upgraded to home appliances where you can find a Smart TV or SmartFridge in the market. This devices works on a smart os which helps you to contact them via internet. You can send commands, you can turn them on or off, you can record videos on Smart TV and do lot more things. On the same a SmartFridge keeps a record of your food expiration date. By settings up a Smart Wi-Fi series router at your home you can control your network even when you are not at home. This is one of the best features for those who manage a small network at their office premises or home. The rich feature of router helps you to work beyond your wifi limits. With reliable and faster speed you can enjoy better and continuous internet connectivity and other more features. I had listed all models with price range below.

    You can look on the specs and features one by one. Along with that there is a comparison chart also which will help you to choose which router can be suitable for your network. The technology supports high and reliable data connectivity. It takes cares your data packets are not lost and you get a stable connection. You need to invest a bit higher amount to find devices which supports it. But that too will be a wise payment. With this technology integrated in the router your video streaming performance will be increased to great extent. Cisco's Smart Wifi Series router is one of them. The routers are not just meant for home purpose only, but for various business usages you can hope for the best. The media connector configured on the router provides a universal connectivity. That when you can simply connect your media devices on the network directly without any major configuration or settings. Smart Wifi Series router features universal media connector support which helps the end user to use any device they need. With smart features and stable connectivity the router does not rely on placement. You can fix it anywhere you want. The router manages an equal bandwidth inside your home or office.

    802.11ac Technology:

    It is quiet better to discuss about this separately. As some of you are confused about the compatibility. By this technology the Smart Wifi routers get ability to give you a rich network with high speed bandwidth. For example LAN gaming. Many prefer to go with wired cable network on LAN gaming. The reason is stability. If you have this router at your home you can setup a wifi LAN server. Where some can play with Xbox or PS3 and others can still join with their pc. This is something not stable on other wifi routers. The bandwidth for a multiplayer gaming is high on requirement. With 802.11ac Technology support you can get a powerful product with many features. It keeps your device connected regularly. The 802.11ac standard is finally available on Smart Wifi series routers only. I had not seen other devices with this support. The standard is specially designed for WLAN where the routers operate on 5 GHz band.

    At this band you can get around 1Gbps maximum transfer ration on the wifi network. So at that point you can imagine the router speed for digital content. Yet there are not similar routers models available that support this kind of specs. Called as the next generation wifi router your usage limits does not degrade here. I also recommend that you must have standard internet connectivity on the same. Or else you cannot get optimized performance out of it.

    Models under Cisco Smart Wi-Fi Series Router

    There are around 5 different models under this series. There are certain common features but as the series increases more additional features and bandwidth is allocated. For example the last one Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router EA4500 is the most recent router introduced. It is capable of giving you 1 gbps transfer ration. The maximum bandwidth on which operates is 5 GHz. It is necessary that you must have a look on the specification to find the right model as per your need. For those who need high performance and better output then going for EA4500 is better. Almost all models have identical features but what actually matters is the output. Every time you would not like to spend a more among in buying a new later as you not happy with the current one. The good part about Wifi Series routers is that you can gain a good output with better networking control. This is things that lack in other routers as well. The bottom line is that these routers are excellent in performance and provides you advance usage.

    Another web app let you to manage this wherever you want. Along with performance the routers also provide you a robust usage. There is no need to check the router regularly whether it is depreciated or not. In short the router does not need maintenance. The choice can be change usage wise. Like you need traditional features with not so costly device then you go with Linksys Smart Wifi E1200 router which can provide you maximum 300mbps bandwidth. What it lacks that it does not has QoS, gigabit ports, Cisco Connect Cloud support, usb connector and some home theater features. This is good for your office usage. But if you are looking for a mid range router that can provide you all the solutions along with a budget price then you can have a look of features of Linksys Smart Wifi EA2700 and EA3500.

    If you do not need Home Theater Ready service for video streaming support then EA2700 is good. And for major multimedia usage you can check EA3500. In this way the routers changes in specification in every series. There is a comparison chart below that can guide you. The nominal features then each of them provide is easy connectivity, and Cisco advantage technology. For Cloud Connect you will need to ignore the lower series. With powerful encryption support and high end technology you can get maximum output from this product. Security point of you Cisco products are quiet reliable.

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    Re: Cisco Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Routers

    Price List of Linksys Smart Wifi Router Series:

    1. Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router E1200 Price $40 to $45 (Rs.2,500 to Rs.3,000)

    2. Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router E2500 - Price $80 to $100 (Rs.7,500 to Rs.8,000)

    3. Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router EA2700 - Price $90 to $100 (Rs.7,000 to Rs.8,000)

    4. Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router EA3500 - Price $150 to $200 (Rs.9,000 to Rs.10,000)

    5. Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router EA4500 Price $250 to $300 (Rs.11,500 to Rs.12,500)

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    Re: Cisco Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Routers

    Comparison Chart and Features List:

    Below is a short comparison chart and for all models. The chart can provide you a short overview on price and other features. :

    Features Comparison Chart:

    Specification Comparison Chart


    All in all the series has best router for all needs. If you need an entertainment series support then you can go for the last two models while the mid one provides a combination of certain features. All routers are made to give you the best wifi coverage in your network. I will recommend you to with this models which have Cisco Connect Cloud support. This can help you to control your devices from your Smartphone via web interface. There is an android app for the same available. Managing home and office network through this series will be economical. Cisco has created space for everyone. For those who needs an entertainment packed product and for those who just need to work on day to day basis.

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