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Thread: Top Portable Speakers for your Laptop, Tablet & Smartphone’s

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    Top Portable Speakers for your Laptop, Tablet & Smartphone’s

    Speaker are wise choice for everyone whether they are using a computer not. You can fix them to your home theater system and have an awesome quality sound. Now the issue arises when you are on a vacation or plan to take a small break. At that time you can use your laptop speakers or mobile speaker to play out some nice music. But that will drain your battery soon. So stay longer in mood it is best choice to go for a portable speaker. Portable speakers today are more unique. I had found the cheapest one for Rs.150 at a nearby retail shop. But that was a poor quality speaker. Anyhow what more you expect from that much amount. I am listing here some of the best portable speakers that you must buy. This speaker comes with charger that works on their own batteries.

    Some of them come with miroSD card & USB support. But that is a later option. The product is listed from price placed from ascending to descending order. Some of products listed here are too costly. But that depends on your choice. Portable speakers are wiser choice for those who want an additional speaker support. The speaker provides accepted sound quality. You can recharge them and use them for approx 5 to 8 hrs. I love products of X mini. The Stereo series are much better. In terms of design X mini offers some of the best models. X mini offers only portable design.

    The reason to spend some amount on portable speaker is the size and the functionality. Today you can see that some of them are also equipped with wifi support. So that you can simply play the sound via Bluetooth. Anyhow the need of portable speaker arises when iPods became popular. You would love to share your songs with your friend in a quiet room. Till today there are very less iPod models which provide you dual headphone jack, and if you use any kind of extender then the sound quality is affected. A quality of good portable speaker lies in its design. It is small and easy to carry with nice looks. I am here not talking about docks. Docks are different. Portable speakers run on regular batteries. While docks usually comes with power adapter. Many of us do not know which portable speaker they must go for. There is actually nothing much to tool for. There are very less specification available under this so you do not require to have technically sounded full. Some of the products listed below are also appropriate for desktop systems. With traditional 3.5mm jack you can fix anything on it. If you are using Apple product you need to buy a proper convertor able for it. At the time of purchase many vendors will show you computer speakers as portable. Have a look on the list below.

    List of Portable Speakers

    1. X-mini II Capsule Speaker: Price Range between Rs. 1200 to 1600 for Wired and above Rs.2,200 for Wifi.

    • Bass Xpansion System
    • Daisy chain X-mini
    • Inbuilt Rechargeable Batteries
    • 3.5mm Audio Jack. MicroUSB Connector

    This is one the best model I saw. A very nice portable speaker that comes with a unique features. You can at a time connect multiple X-Mini II capsule speakers and play music on them. The sound quality is quiet nice. The size is small which can simply lie in your pocket. The speaker comes with mirousb support and a 3.55mm headphone jack. It works with almost any device which supports 3.5mm audio port. So here you do not need to worry about the setup and configuration. It is a plug and play device which opens a little from between. There are two speakers attached on a single piece. A very smart design. There is a wifi version of this speaker available. You can pair the speaker easily and transmit audio on it.

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    Re: Top Portable Speakers for your Laptop, Tablet & Smartphone’s

    2. Wowee One: Price lies between $60 to $80

    • Playback time - 20hrs
    • Inbuilt Rechargeable Batteries
    • 3.5mm Audio Jack. MicroUSB Connector

    Unfortunately this speaker is not available in India. But you can order that online from official site. There are three editions in this classic, slim and pro. As you can see in the image the speaker looks like a small portable box which works via 3.5mm jack or microusb connector. You can also use this in the form of standard speaker for your desktop. It has some feature to give you low bass frequency. So that you can enjoy better audio quality. This speaker also comes with a rechargeable battery. So you just need to charge it or if you are using it with an usb connected to your laptop then charging is not important. There are different colors in the speaker with changes in style.

    3. Veho 360: Price Range between Rs. 2,200 to 3,000 Approx.

    • Wifi
    • 4hrs playback time
    • Upto 15 Meters Bluetooth range

    Veho 360 is a portable wireless speaker. It does not come with cable. It works on Bluetooth. It is suitable almost with all type of devices that comes with Bluetooth support. The size is very small and easy to carry. It is a cylindrical shape speaker which is designed to provide you surround sound audio output. It also comes with installed battery which is capable of giving you around 4hrs of playback time on Bluetooth. It has a unique cylindrical shape design so that the audio is not directed to a specific location only. It offers you a 360 degree surround sound support. Because of small size it is quiet easy to carry anywhere you want.

    4. Sony SRS-TP1: Price Range between Rs. 2,200 to 3,000 Approx.

    • Lightweight
    • Plug-in Power
    • Built-in Speaker stand
    • high quality sound

    This is another good portable speaker. In my views this is another straight forward product for those who just need a speaker not more than that. As talking about the positive aspect of this speaker, it is good and enough better to hear low range sound. You cannot expect louder sound on this. What I like is the design. It comes with a protective case which makes it easier to carry. Because of standard 3.5mm jack the device works with almost all type of devices. The price that I found for this speaker is bit costly. It should me more lower. Anyhow this is not a powerful speaker but an acceptable quality for your day to day usage.

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    Re: Top Portable Speakers for your Laptop, Tablet & Smartphone’s

    5. Sony SRS-M50: Price Range between Rs. 2,200 to 2,500 Approx.

    • Dual Power support
    • Power On and Off, Volume Control
    • Single Stereo-Mini Jack
    • Full Range Bass Reflex

    This is another good speaker which is meant for better audio experience. The speaker is nice because of it powerful design and sound quality. In terms of portable speaker this would be one of my choices. Along with the battery support the speaker also has an ac adapter outlet. So in case if the battery is completely finished you can use the adapter to charge and listen music. The playback output is quiet low on battery. You can have less than 4hrs of continuous playback on this speaker which according to me is not enough. The size is very small compared to others. The speakers are best recommended for laptops and work on regular AAA batteries. The sound frequency is acceptable. Not too higher or not too low but at a range where human ears can hear them properly.

    6. Logitech Pure-Fi Mobile: Price Range between Rs. 2,800 to 4,000 Approx.

    • Bar Shape. Easy to carry
    • 3.55 and Wifi jack
    • Dedicated music buttons with stand
    • USB support

    Logitech Pure-Fi Mobile speaker is really meant for travelers. It has 4 small speakers attached with stand on the backside. It looks like a small stereo system with buttons on the top to control your music. The speaker comes with both wifi and cable support. This speaker is bit costly in comparison to others. The speaker has microusb connectivity with 3.5mm jack support. So it is a kind of idle device for your laptop and gadgets. It comes with replaceable batteries. Along with the speaker support this device also has a dedicated mic. So that you can simply talk to anyone on the speaker. This feature is not found in other portable devices. The design and mic support makes it more different in comparison to other. It is very stable to use and the buttons on the top helps you to control the sound and other playback stuff. You will have to pair this device properly with your phone if you are going to use it no Bluetooth.

    7. Home iHM79 : Price Range between Rs. 4,000 to 6,000 Approx.

    • Size-defying sound
    • Built-in rechargeable battery
    • Collapsible speakers for ultimate portability
    • Magnetic base keeps speakers together for travel
    • Convenient carry pouch

    Especially designed for Apple products, iHome is rich in sound quality. You cannot simply imagine the sound output from this portable device. It also works with your laptop. Along with that if you can arrange a proper convertor cable the device will work with your Smartphone also. There are two speakers in a single unit with usb charging support. In terms of mini speaker this one is the best one. But I am not quite satisfied with the price listed. It works with devices of 3.5mm jack support. The capsule type look makes the speaker easier for carrying and delivering good quality sound output.

    8. Bose SoundLink: Price Range Upto Rs. 15,000 or higher depends on shipping chargers

    • Compact portable speaker
    • Wirelessly connects to any Bluetooth device
    • Rechargeable battery plays up to 8 hours
    • Simple control with dedicated music keys
    • Auxiliary input
    • USB port for software updates

    Bose SoundLink is one of the best products that I had seen so far. This is not just a speaker but a classy companion for your laptop. The speaker work on wifi mode and can be sync with any device. The connectivity is very simply. Once the device is sync properly you just need to press the top play button. It offers you around 8 hrs of playback time which is not quiet found in other speakers. There is a stand attached to the body which makes the speaker lie freely on your desk. The speaker comes with variety of covers to give it a richer look. As the price say, the product is bit costly but it is your one time investment.

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