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Old 09-06-2012
Join Date: Nov 2005
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HTC One S Mobile Phone


The HTC One S is a modern touchscreen smartphone with unibody enclosure made up of aircraft quality aluminum, which has been refined further still. The matte-black final touch is produced by plasma coating. This implementation produces a material that is three times harder than stainless steel and highly resistant to scratches. The One S works with the Android operating system 4.0.6 Ice Cream Sandwich and HTC Sense 4, also the most energy-efficient Bluetooth 4.0 is in the device. The phone also provides a 1.5 GHz dual-core ARM Cortex processor, 1024 MB of RAM on board. The One S has a 4.3 inch AMOLED display with super QHD resolution and an internal memory of 16 GB. The 8 MP camera has several settings and an LED flash. The slim smartphone weighs about only 119 grams. How does the HTC One S behaves in real practice, our report shows.

HTC One S Dual Core Phone

Processing Features

The HTC One S impresses with its sleek visual appearance and the rounded edges. With dimensions of 130.9 x 65 x 7.8 mm, it sits perfectly in the hand and can barely be operated with one hand. The Super AMOLED display at 4.3 inches provides a resolution of 540 x 960 pixels, 16 million colors, which are also sharp. The display is very clean. The touch on the device is very stable. The small battery compartment cover of the HTC S consists of slightly rubberized plastic, and can be opened with a bit of pressure, unfortunately, a bit awkward will closing it. Included in its pacakge is a short manual, headset, charger and a USB cable. Any standard headphones can also be connected on HTC One S easily.

Back of HTC One S

Battery compartment lid made up of plastic

Loud - Quiet button

USB port
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Old 09-06-2012
Join Date: Nov 2005
Posts: 1,203
Re: HTC One S Mobile Phone

Business and Data functions

1. Data connections -
  • Bluetooth ? 4.0 APTX
  • Bluetooth ?-tethering
  • USB Tethering
  • WLAN 802.11 a / b / g / n
  • Wireless Tethering
  • Wi-Fi direct
  • EDGE
  • GPRS
  • HSUPA up to 5.76 Mbit / sec.
  • HSPA + for up to 21 Mbit / s

2. Sound settings - General: Sound Profile: Normal, Vibrate, Silent, volume, sound optimization, vibration (for calls and notifications); Incoming Calls: ring tone, stop ringing when lifting: on / off, bag mode: on / off, for speakers around: on / off; Notifications: Notification sound; system: keypad tones, sounds when touched: on / off, sound on screen lock: on / off; feedback with vibration: on / off.

3. Reception and voice quality - The One S has an excellent reception quality, even if the network coverage is not as good. At normal listening the voice playback sounds slightly overcast, but it sounds still very natural. The voice quality of the speakers can still be described as good. If the volume is increased to high then low scratching and not so optimal speech understanding can be noticed.

4. Battery life (with normal use) - Up to 2 days.

5. Opportunities for entering new contacts - Name, Contact Type: google, phone, telephone: mobile, work, home, main phone number, fax (Professionally), Fax (Private), pagers, Other, Custom, E-mail: Professional, Home, Other, group (s): Family , favorites, friends, colleagues, VIP; more information add: Events: Birthday, Anniversary, Miscellaneous, chat: AIM, Windows Live, Yahoo, Skype, QQ, Google Talk, ICQ, Jabber, Postal Address: Private: Street, City, State , zip code, Contract: street, city, state, zip code, Other: street, city, state, zip code, company / organization: company, position, notes, alias, website, internet phone call, contacts, delete contacts, send contacts management: Copy, Export / Import, Double merge contacts, contacts, blocked callers Linked contacts, settings: Only with telephone number, sort your contact list: first name, last name, contact name View as: first name first, last name first; search contacts by: phone number, e-mail address , company, group name, domain, people are looking for, you know, contact link suggest, tabs, edit, help.

6. Calendar settings - Calendar: All calendars, PC sync, contacts, Google, today, adding: Was (Event name), time zone, from (date / time) To (date / time); conflict with another meeting, where (Place of the event), description (date description), status: Busy, Free, Tentative, Out of Office; memories: No, in time, 1 minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes, 25 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours, 2 days, 3 days, 1 week, 2 weeks, repeat: One-time, daily, every weekday (Mon-Fri), Weekly (every Wednesday), monthly (every first Wednesday), monthly (day 2), Annually (May 2); menu: Delete Refresh, Search, Go to Settings: General Settings: Add Accounts, First Day of Week: location, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, reminder settings: All calendars, alerts & Note: Notification status line message, from, default reminder time: No, in time, 1 minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes, 25 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours, 2 days, 3 days, 1 week, 2 weeks; Notifications select (sound); Day View Preferences: Second time zone: No, select Automatic, select location, weather display, tabbed editing, help, view: Month, Day, Dates, Invitations.

7. Built-in voice recorder (dictaphone) - List, send: mail, drop box, Bluetooth, Google mail, message, sorting, menu: Rename, Delete, Set as ring tone settings: Note on renaming, encoding formats: AMR, AAC_LC; The task of playing sound is very natural and authentic. No scratching or even rustling noise is heard.

8. E-mail functionality - Email Service Provider: Microsoft Exchange activeSync, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Microsoft Hoitmail, Other (Pop / IMAP) Connection type: POP3, SMTP and IMAP4. An email account is set quickly within a few steps. Multiple accounts can be entered easily. The One S has no problems when downloading emails but it requires little time for it. If the attachments are a little larger, the download time hardly takes any time. The most common formats are accepted by Htc One S only (Our test model, however, had problems in the representation of a Word document. Even while reaing with Polaris Office, it does not opens).

9. Internet functionality - Selected sites will open and displayed very quickly by the One S. Thanks to its new dual-core 1.5 GHz Qualcomm processor and 1GB of memory, there is no lack of support. It requires almost no loading time. An excellent and detailed view is also presented by the phone even for the complex designed pages. HTML5 and Flash content can be seen everywhere, and thanks to text reflow, the text is adapted to fit the width of the screen. Back and forth is unnecessary. Intricately designed pages can be read with the zoom function, of course, for much better view. Bookmarks or saved windows are arranged very clearly and are easily accessible. It is also possible with "Read Later", to view a copy of the last search result stored, even without Internet access. The settings are easily adjustable and quite extensive.

10. PC-synchronization - The One S is immediately recognized when connected to the pc. The mobile phone once connected can be also used as a mass storage device. The synchronization takes place smoothly. It is also possible to compare its data with an existing Google account. Photos or music, however, can be moved without an account. Music can be transferred only on the PC or via Bluetooth. A USB data cable is included.

11. More Features / Items - 7digital, stocks, albums, ads (downloaded instructions), tasks, Car (use functions while driving), downloads, drop box, setup, settings, Facebook, Flash Player settings, FM Radio, Friend Stream, Gmail, Google + HTC Hub Internet, Calendar, Camera, Contacts, Latitude, locations, mail, maps, messenger, music, news, Events, News & Weather, Notes, PDF Viewer, personalizing, Places, Play Store, Polaris Office, calculator, SIM Toolkit, SoundHound (identification use of songs), mirror (VGA front camera as a mirror) to use voice recorder, Google Search, Google Talk, flashlight (LED flash as a flashlight), Managing Task Manager (applications), Teeter, telephone, Tuneln Radio, Twitter, transmit, Clock, video editing, watch, weather, wireless hotspots, YouTube.

12. Business Results - With the 1650mAh battery, the One S can be operated for about 2 days as long as one is not using too much of the smartphone for gaming or surfing. The One S has no profiles, like most of the Android smartphones, but different sound settings with vibration or silent mode is inbuilt. An email account is set in a few steps. With the app "Transfer", you can import contacts from previous phone very easily.

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Old 09-06-2012
Join Date: Nov 2005
Posts: 1,203
Re: HTC One S Mobile Phone

Multimedia Features

1. Camera equipment - 8 MP camera, flash: Auto, On, Off, settings: Camera: Main, Front, Self-timer: Off, 2 seconds, 10 seconds Resolution: 8M (3264x1840), 5M (2592x1456), 3M (2048x1152) 1 M (12850x720), Small (640x368) Review after capture: No opinion, 3 seconds, 5 seconds, no limit; Picture Adjustment: Standard: exposure, contrast, saturation, sharpness, ISO: Auto, 100, 200, 400, 800 , White Balance: Auto, Incandescent, Fluorescent, Daylight, Cloudy, Continuous Shooting: A limit to 20 pictures, car display, camera options, Face detection: on / off; Geo-tag photos: on / off, camera interface: Scanning: on / off, shutter: on / off; upload Automatic: on / off, Reset to Default; camera Scene: automatic, HDR, panorama, portrait, group portrait, landscape, Whiteboard, Close, Low light, post-processing options: Send: Facebook for HTC Sense, Twitter for HTC Sense, mail, drop box, Sky Drive, notes, Bluetooth, Facebook, Flickr, Gmail, Google +, message, Picasa, Twitter, delete, edit: cutting, Effects: No effects, Auto Enhance, High Contrast, Sepia Overexposed, mica, twilight, vibrant, warm, cloudy, Classic, Antique, More: Set as: favorite Footprints, wallpaper, buddy icon, Play, Player Select, Print, details: file path, date, size, resolution, type, status, manufacturer, model.

2. Camera quality - The camera delivers great results in daylight or in the field. Color intensity and shape rendering of the subject must not be criticized. Looking at those pics on a PC screen, wont let them down immediately. But when looked closely, one discovers that the focus slightly vanishes from the photo. Especially in indoor settings, you can clearly see the sharp declines. At dusk and / or at night, the One S can also yield strong results. However, subjects should be snapped at a distance of 2 meters. Thanks to BSI sensor, that gives better shots in low light conditions. The absolute benefits of the camera are the short shutter lag and the wide range of settings. The photos that were taken during a video clip are also fine, but obviously not as sharp and vibrant as compared to color photos.

3. Video camera equipment - Slow motion video, filmed scenes: automatic, HDR, Panoramic, Portrait, landscape, white board, close-up, Low Light, Camera: Main, Front, Self-timer: Off, 2 seconds, 10 seconds; video quality: Full HD (1920x1080, HD (1280x720 ), QHD (960x540), High (640x480), Low (320x240), MMS (176x144) Screen Fit: Standard: exposure, contrast, saturation, sharpness, Video Options: Video stabilization: on / off, record with audio: on / off; Stereo recording: on / off.

4. Video Quality - Videos are sharp but the camera does not likes fast movements, it should be smoothly taken. In daylight and outside, colors will be presented authentically. But under normal lighting conditions or indoors, the colors remain minimal in intensity and the One S only outputs average shots. However, the adaptation to different light conditions is succeeded by the One S quickly. In the darkness, although it can get good results, but you should go closer to the subject and use the video light. The BSI sensor, which is used for better shots in low light conditions can only convince here partly.

5. Features of the built in music player - Playback, fast forward, rewind, pause, stop, artist, album, title, playlist, Genre: Play all random, play all, Now Playing: info (retrieve SoundHound), queue, Update Album Art, sound improvement (for loudspeaker reproduction, it is not possible): Headset: Beats iBeat / urBeats, beat solo, Beats Pro, beats Studio, Other, No Effects, Beats Audio, Classic, Bass boost, vocal, treble, gain, live, dance, warmth, clarity, player select detail: Features: length, file name, title, artist, album, genre, composer, disc number, track number, year, location, Song: Album Details, Add to Playlist, TX: share music info, file sharing, Set as ring tone; Search, Playback: Random Play is activated / deactivated; repeat: repeat all songs, repeat current track, repeat is disabled.

6. Sound quality of the music player - The One S impresses anyone with very detailed and dynamic sounds. You can easily make such fine-tuning on some songs that sound like something overloaded or bass-heavy, since a sound improvement was inbuilt. This can be only noticed when connected with a headset or headphones. Even bass enhancement or reduction, as well as various audio beats settings can be activated.

7. Radio yes / no, sound quality of radio - Information call: SoundHound (title identification); settings: Scan, adding (Station Naming), mute, mono / stereo speaker / headset, and save searches, the menu is well laid out and built up naturally. Names of the Radio Stations can be added easily. The "SoundHound" which allows songs to be heard over the radio is also very useful. The selectivity is based on the nominal orientation for the antenna (headset). Only in very jerky movements, or areas like the basement or garage, the frequencies are faced slightly scratchy again.

8. Memory Storage Capacity - Internal Memory 16 GB and is not expandable.

9. Multimedia Results - The user interface looks tidy and very clear. The camera of One S can be easy to use, despite various settings and features. Although it has no separate camera release button and can be triggered only by touch, the handling just runs fine. The shutter lag is particularly commendable. The results of the 8 MP camera has been a hit with us. The video recordings is quite fine with good image stability and is hardly pixelated. The built-in MP3 player comes with a equalizer, which can be used but only with a headset. The headset, which is included, can be replaced with any standard headphones. The Radio with good selectivity of antenna is sufficient to convince location of station and is easy to use. The HTC one S has a 16 GB internal memory and can not be extended, unfortunately.

8 MP camera with LED flash
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Old 09-06-2012
Join Date: Nov 2005
Posts: 1,203
Re: HTC One S Mobile Phone

Handling / Menus

The HTC One S with 7.8 mm unibody still remains true to the design. The workmanship and the enclosure of the displays are not to be complained. The only criticism would be the two plastic covers on the back. The battery cover can be a bit fiddly to use. The One S can also be operated with one hand (depending on application). It can easily fit in almost any pocket. Contact details are found quickly and edited or added, and a call can be also performed easily. The display, in direct sunlight or direct light can be more easily read, but some brightness adjustment should be made on the display. Contents are clearly visible. The response of the touch screen runs precise, fast and fluid. This also applies to the main menu. The 1.5 dual core processor boosts up the performance with also great speed. The Android menu of One S was distributed with reasonable menu points on 3 sides. The Home screen makes it easier to quickly access the menu, and here you can easily fit the desired application as well. The 8 MP camera has extensive settings and delivers good pictures. With the video camera it is even possible to take photos while shooting a Video-clip. The result is presented, unfortunately, with little loss of sharpness. The MP3 player can be operated very easily. The One S has an internal memory of 16 GB, which is also partially occupied by the operating system but cannot be expandable, unfortunately.

Overall Conclusion

HTC One S with with 1GB Ram and Sense 4.0

The HTC One S with the 1.5 GHz dual core processor and 1024 MB of RAM is a powerful smartphone which works very smootly. The sleek, elegant appearance and the simple look makes the smartphone very favourable. Weighing in at just under 120 grams, it is very lightweight. We like the unibody from aircraft aluminum, which was made with plasma lightning. The 8MP camera comes with solid results and excited us by the short-held shutter lag. The 4.3-inch AMOLED display with QHD super-resolution excited by dynamic colors. The music player in the One S precipitated by ordinary dynamics at a good level.
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