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Thread: Sims 3: Showtime Katy Perry Collector’s Edition

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    Sims 3: Showtime Katy Perry Collector’s Edition

    Sims 3: Showtime Katy Perry Collector’s Edition provides you additional resource to live a life of pop star. As an expansion of Sims 3: Showtime, the pack let you choose ample of items, furniture, cloths, fashion apparels, etc which reflect Katy's life. The entire theme of this collector’s edition is based on Katy Perry. You can make your Sims sing and dance like her and have a real taste of start life. There are thousands of new stuff added which are not yet provided in other version of Sims. If you own the game this pack is must to buy. Other than this there are some of best places added where Sims can hangout, have pool part, etc. This edition of Sims 3: Showtime is inspired by Katy Perry's lifestyle. Here style of fashion, looks, etc. With ample of new skills and life Sims 3: Showtime is once again back with something new. You can enjoy more fun and a unique gaming experience. This might the first the game is based on a lifestyle of celebrity. You can simply buy this for $49.99. You will need Sims 3 for adding this pack. The game is entirely based on Katy Perry theme. Here way of clothing styles, wardrobe, fashion style and various other accessories. There is not much complicated task here. There is nothing big in the story line here. Everything here depends on your own experience. With help of new added features in the game the players can simply contact and get connected to other and share stuff. In one word the social sharing option is more developed in this pack.

    You will enter a new world of virtual word where fame and fun are part of life. You can make your Sims a singer, star or dj. There are more new jobs added in the game which make other Sims your fan. After achieving certain amount of goal the Sims are rewarded with points. The game is designed to me more on social platform where players can share number of stuff among them without leaving the game. So you have options to have in game feeds and send ecards also. If you love to customize your Sims then there are ample of option here. Sims can perform on stage at special venues. They buy special effect to make their function more attractive. There are clubs, stadiums, etc. The entire game is based on a sweet theme of candies, cakes and decorations. Talking about customization then there ample of stuff to add. The expansion also has number of different jobs as mentioned. With that you can live Sims life a number of time. I found the singer one more attractive as there is something really different to do here. You can choose a location first and then perform and attract other Sims. You will be rewarded. With that you can spend on more better items and hire places for large concert. The expansion will change your existing virtual world into a sweet land. There are parks, cake shop, pools in the game for entertainment.

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    Re: Sims 3: Showtime Katy Perry Collector’s Edition

    The DJ is another job that you will surely enjoy. While magician is bit casual. The expansion does not seems short in playing. It is a new big city in the game that offers you more easy challenges and a very realistic gameplay. At some part it looks that there should be more improvement in the graphics. There hidden stuff in the game also which you will find only after playing it up. The game really not meant for tough guys how spend hours in action pack game. It is slow moving, virtual life game which can make you boring sometime in between. To play the game you will need atleast 2.4Ghz or higher processor for better performance. The minimum ram requirement is 2GB with 1GB GPU Support. The expansion pack size is quiet large which needs more than 5GB of empty space.

    Features of Sims 3: Katy Perry Edition
    • Turn your Sims’ homes and neighborhood into a vibrant candytopia, complete with whimsical and colorful furnishings and décor, such as a banana split sofa, a fountain made of candy, or even a waffle cone picnic table.
    • Outfit your Sims in an array of new clothing and hairstyles that are straight from Katy Perry’s red carpet appearances, music videos and concert performances all recreated for The Sims in a true to life way.
    • Transform the neighborhood with three, all-new, pre-built venues. Take your Sims for a dip at Patty’s Natural Baths, the sweet new pool venue, stroll over to the Bonbon Lawn
    • Park that’s filled with candy-coated playground equipment, or relax at the sugar-filled Cake Pleasure Dome, the town’s charming local hangout.
    • Rock out with your Sims to a Simlish version of Katy Perry’s hit song, ‘Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.),’ recorded for the game by Katy Perry.

    You can fulfill your Sims dream of becoming the next singing idol where millions of Sims fan loves. You will need to work hard and perform the best to gain heights of success. Singer Profession in this pack let you perform on street, playgrounds, stadium and costly venues. The stipend of Sims increases as it keeps on reaching higher limits. Sims can carry a guitar as an exclusive item added in this pack. The pack lacks any kind of band or group performance. The same was also not available in Showtime. So if you choose the profession of Singer then your job is to perform best and complete the task based on time. There are ample of awards in the game which will rise your points. You can then use them to earn more better items and decorate your stage. You can also afford costly venue based on various location to increase your career rankings. IF we talk about any kind of tips or cheats then there is nothing you can do in this game. Whatever you need to earn you have to achieve the prescribed goal in the given amount of time.

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    Re: Sims 3: Showtime Katy Perry Collector’s Edition

    Gameplay :

    There is nothing much to discusses about simulation base gameplay. Sims 3 is a virtual life game where players create their own virtual personality and indulge in number of activities. If you love Sims then this pack will surely make you happier. For fans of Katy Perry the game is made on the basis of her lifestyle, the fashion she where, etc. But we found that there is not actually Sims of Katy Perry in the game. So what would be the point of theming the game in this way. Might be just like an expansion pack, this would have given it more world wide exposure. Players can get some best stage prom and costumes in the game. It will turn your dull Sims life to an journey towards stardom. This is not just a common expansion pack, but a kind of fun pack. If you see some videos based on its gameplay you will surely understand my words. What players will try to do is customizing their Sims in such manner so that it can look more and more similar to Katy Perry. I had seen certain arts on official website where users shared their Sims. You can build a cool house with nice decorative furniture. You can begin with Singer as profession in Sims and perform task as per objectives mentioned. Also being an acrobat or magician or DJ would be awesome. The task is designed specifically different for each. As a singer when you perform your level rises and it give you boost in career. Sims can use musical instrument and perform on stage.

    After adding this pack your old content will still remain. It will add more to your Sims world. This time you are having more option to design your virtual house. Also added space outside home let you to make a better neighborhood. Right now the task or goals which are designed in the game are mostly made for performance. The added new venue in the game gives the performer a better competition. Also in the end if you win you can unlock a special concert based on Katy Perry theme. But this came in the end part of game. You just need to work hard to make your Sims a start. The entire gameplay mechanic is modified to stick to the game theme. Based on a common man’s dream to become a star Sims 3: Katy Perry Edition can be perfect choice. The environment and city designed is more luxurious. You can have some of the best avenue in Sims City to perform. With musical instrument like Guitar your accomplish more exclusive task. You can setup a beautiful stage for your Sims to attract other Sims on your concert. Believe me this game has many objects that you can try out. The expansion pack is filled with goodies and items that you had never seen. Each item usage will cost you. So you have to keep fulfilling a number of tasks to keep earning some points to that you can purchase those items. You can perform a number of stage performances in number of places. The more decorative your stage is the more Sims you can attract.

    Sims 3 Showtime :

    As the pack is an expansion of Showtime it is worth to discuss a little about this game also. Showtime is the 6th version of Sims game series which offer Sims life based on fame and fun. Equipped with SimPort features let your Sim to travel and tour in part of city. Also the game offers you a invitation option by which you can invite your friends in the game. The part that is customizing stage in Katy Perry Pack has been taken from this series. But the same material is not used again. To make it more creative they had added more different stuff. Some enhancement are added to special effects used on stage. You can buy that and create a dynamic performance. Also the unlocked items that are in Showtime is also available for Katy Perry Collector’s Edition. The profession in Katy Perry is same as in Showtime. So I will not say that there is anything new addition in the game.

    Showtime offers a different world of Sims where you are one a virtual journey towards fame. There are ample of stuff that can be done here. This time the expansion pack gives you more additional stuff to carry out. To attract more Sims and earn ample of sims points. Other than this you can create your world of fame and fun. Though some part of the game is extremely long making it bit out of interest. But as you can move on the upgrades will make the game more sticky. Yet there is no other announcement make for the other packs of Sims. So this can be a choice for current time.

    Conclusion :

    Sims 3: Showtime Katy Perry Collector’s Edition is well made with nice task. There are more different profession you can carry out. All in all this game got a very good rating. The actual gameplay is very girlish so guys who love fps gaming or had played Sims before in different way might not enjoy. The theme park, candies, etc make it a bit more childish making it good for people of lower age. But for an expansion this is a good choice to have. Giving your Sims a more glamorous look is possible here. Candy trees, decorative gardens, beautifully crafted couches, cake theme objects, etc make it happier pack released ever. The pack will give entirely a different look to your existing game. A luxuries world is waiting for you. The Sims 3: Showtime Katy Perry pack will change the entire existing world into fun pack. There are possibilities that you might get your dead Sims back. But that depends on the actual pack. The minimum requirement to have this game is Sims 3. Or else it is not worth to purchase this. What I found that the pack just gives a new look and more enhancement to the existing version. There might not be additions in the existing gameplay. You get some more area to explore and live a Star life in different way. Also for other professions you can get new items to collect for gigs.

    I will not say that this is one the best pack you can have on your system. But it is recommended for your collection. Anyhow after going through number of user reviews I found that a amount of people expected more from this pack. First thing as the title says Katy Perry, most of us expected that there will be a Katy Perry Sims in this. Second some items like candy tree or other decoration are too childish. The customization and clothing style is well designed. The price of game is $49.99 ( Rs.999). Other than this you can purchase more upgrades from Sims store.

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