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Thread: Max Payne 3 (PC, PlayStation & Xbox 360)

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    Max Payne 3 (PC, PlayStation & Xbox 360)

    Rockstar released the third installment of Max Payne Series. This time in Max Payne 3 there is less fantasy and ghostly type creatures but more real enemies. You are not dealing with any kind of ghost here. The truth is that Rockstar had worked harder on mechanics. A drunken cop engaged in protecting rich family as his job comes into ample of trouble. As a shooting game you get more chances to show up your aiming experience. The story line consists of enough thrill, action and spy jobs. You in the shoes of Max play a life of character which is engaged around trouble. He has to protect his client and also find out who are people behind killings. Talking about the story line it is better. I had seen Rockstar has used some of the old tactics in this game but in much improved way. The game looks more like you are watching some kind of crime serial or reading a novel. Well placed Narration and Cinematic keeps story moving without spoiling the idea of actual gameplay. Some of game begins instantly in between when Max falls from a roof or when he is hanging on a helicopter. So the gamers are not fed up in any ways. Other than shooting, Rockstar added Sniper sand hunting mode. Based on a hit series Max Payne offers you simple and aggressive gameplay. If you have played Max Payne and Max Payne 2 you can easily understand the difference. The third installment is richer in graphic output. In one word this game is worth playing.

    The game starts with a flash back where Max memorizes some of his old memories. The game offer you more than 10 hours of gameplay. There are some options by which you can modify the game settings to make it more appropriate. There are certain twists which make the upcoming mode more interesting. In some part instead of shooting you will play as victim where you need to find a safer place to hide. So here Rockstar has not continued a common type of gameplay on each and every mode. Painkillers are your healing tablets. Those can be collected from various locations. What matters is to keep searching wherever you can. Along with them you can also find new weapons and ammunition. The slow motion dodge shoot offer you to instant kill in case of fight. Max Payne 3 comes with cover shoot feature where you can hide and then shoot. While in older part you need to expose yourself to get the right shot. Key combinations are set as per need. The game is mostly based on number of cinematic in the game. While playing too you will find short cut scene which moves the story ahead and also tells you what to do next. Also there is ample of amount of narration added in the game which makes it more like movie. So in some part you might get annoyed with all those.

    Talking about the Multiplayer there is nothing much done. The game is more impressive in single player mode. Certain attack mode offer interesting gameplay and fun. You might require learning a set of combination attacks to enjoy multiplayer mode. There are team based gameplay which depends mostly on co-operation. I had not seen Max in this mode. Two groups of people can choose the character type and be in battle with each other. There are sci-fi weapons here but a more realistic gameplay. The more you skill the more points you earn. The graphics is improved lot. It matters that people will not enjoy the poor graphics implementation. So there is nothing much to criticize about the graphic quality. You will surely have a great time with that. With nice models and better scenario you remain more glued to the game. The game works awesome if you with recommended system requirement. I will not recommend the game for those who does not has nice gpu output. Try to play the best on default game settings.

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    Re: Max Payne 3 (PC, PlayStation & Xbox 360)

    Gameplay :
    As we had discussed already the game offer rich gameplay. But if you are not really interested in playing a slow moving story type game, then this might bore you. Max Payne gives realistic approach to actual life of a cop. Max took up a job of protecting a rich family in New York. The family is being targeted and is being attacked continuously. There are number of locations that are used like nightclub, office, forest, etc. The more you move ahead the attacks increases. The game deals with storyline of corrupt scenario occur mostly between rich classes. You would surely wait for the climax. The game takes a steep turn in between when things become more complicated. Max Payne 3 is a powerful crime story scripted well. Cut-scene here plays a very important part to some extent to understand what is going on. In between you can also collects clues in the game to find out what is going to be the culprit. To make it more deadly, Rockstar added bulletcam which shows how the enemies die. With ability to shoot hundreds Max still remains unbeatable. Compared to today's sci-fi game, Max Payne is more traditional and towards real life. Anyhow you do not have any special suit or super power weapon, but a regular pistol or revolver can make your gameplay tougher and challenging.

    Along with combat tactics, the storyline also forces to distinguish better among friend and foes. The aiming is far more improved in Max Payne 3. In the older version there were no special modes that you can try, while in Max Payne 3 you can use Hard Lock to auto aim on enemies. With this you get extra points over foes. You have to ensure that you need to perform certain tactics. Like sliding or simply taking cover at the time of attack. Max is more vulnerable to danger right now. The combination of slow motion and attack with aiming support gives a mixture of action and thrill. There is quiet added number of guns in the game. With rifles and shotgun you can get easier kill.


    The good things about Max Payne 3 are that it offers you a thrilling gameplay. Though there is violence but still it is recommended to play this game at least one time. Game under this series offers distinct features. With nice writing and storyline the game keeps the user busy. The best thing about Max Payne is, you will never know what is going to happen next. Even though there are no fantasy killers, or alien bosses in the game, it has being nicely constructed which is quiet a balance between fantasy and realistic gameplay. The sound and voice is designed perfectly and blended with the environment. If go with the negative aspect of this game, the one thing that irrigates is shoot dodge. The reason is that it is sometime quiet frustrating to shoot under that mode instantly. You have to wait back till Max stable and till that time you might lose some health. Max Payne series is a hit. This time with better mechanics, Rockstar tried to reach maximum expectation. Like every other 3rd Party FPS game, you will not find similarities in all the levels.

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