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Thread: Corsair SP2200 Speakers

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    Corsair SP2200 Speakers

    Corsair SP2200 completes the collection of PC speaker systems at the lower end. Thus, Corsair goes into the highly competitive market and comes with the price of Rs. 5,500. This is the reason that it has to face of established antagonist such as Logitech, Creative and Speedlink.

    The system is relatively compact, neatly packed and all the cables along with the RCA is present here. The impression of quality is decent. The black satellite with anthracite front Corsair is made entirely of plastic. In each satellite, a 5cm wide chassis comes with a power rating of 8 watts RMS (measured by the FTC standard). As usual, the system with this price range comes with the right satellite, the volume and bass control and a headphone output. As a bonus, the Corsair has given an additional satellite of a 3.5mm jack input for another audio device to connect. Go back on the right satellite, a 3.5 mm jack cable for connecting a PC and a special cable for the controls and speakers to connect to the subwoofer. The left is connected to satellite with the mono RCA subwoofer. All cables are securely connected to the satellite and not fully extended. The frame are designed to protect covered with fabric, this can be removed either.

    Corsair is having the subwoofer on a black MDF cabinet with bass reflex design. As usual with Logitech and Creative, Corsair is also providing a lateral and frontal bass driver with bass reflex port. With a 15cm bass driver, it brings the subwoofer to get a maximum output of 30 watts RMS. To protect the lateral bass driver, it also comes with fabric coated. Itís of compact size (23.1 x 25.2 x 18cm), the subwoofer can be placed either on the table. On the back, there are the connections for the power supply, the two satellites and a stereo RCA input for connecting another audio source. There is also a heat sink for the amplifier.

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    Re: Corsair SP2200 Speakers

    • Frequency response: 40Hz - 20kHz +5 /-5dB,-10dB @ 35Hz
    • Inputs: 3.5mm Stereo PC input, 3.5mm aux input satellite, subwoofer RCA input

    • 5cm driver
    • Volume, subwoofer level, front auxiliary
    • 8 watts RMS per speaker
    • Dimensions: 12.7cm x 9.1cm x 14.2cm

    • 15.24cm driver
    • Front bass reflex
    • 30 watts RMS
    • Dimensions: 23.1cm x 25.2cm x 18cm

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    Re: Corsair SP2200 Speakers

    The satellites is having small footprint and that is very important for the cramped desks as well as huge gaming mats. These are the things that are made for gamers. You will find the metallic grey finish on the front panel of this and body is made up of matte black. It is made with the trapezoid shape which makes it quite attractive and frames add raw edge in it and I am sure that gamers are going to like this. Right speaker is having all of its controls for volume and bass and that makes connection with the subwoofer by using a thick 12-pin proprietary cable. This is also having the headphone jack as well as auxiliary input so that you can connect some other sources in no time. On the back, you will find that there is hardwired 3.5 mm jack which will connect to your computer. Left of the satellite makes a connection with the subwoofer which looks like normal RCA connect. Subwoofer comes with six inch side-firing driver but you will find that it does not occupy that much space overall.


    In order to test speakers I connected them with the Asus Xonar Essence STX and I ;kow that gamers are also likely to have this one. Other than the games also, I ran the standard frequency samples as well as test tracks. When you connect that then after a few minutes, you will realize that they deliver quite a punch way that you can expect from the 46 RMS rating. They do not give you even the half of what the Logitech Z623 can deliver. There one problem that was very irritating for me and that was failure of the speakers to output while playing songs through high instrument density. I found that the volume of the higher frequencies simply goes down for the parts of the sound where bass as well as mid frequencies were elevated

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