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Thread: Types of Server Storage Solution

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    Types of Server Storage Solution

    Server Storage is considered as important aspect in building up your own network infrastructure. You might be ready to invest a high amount the new hardware and ready to upgrade your server in case of low performance. But mostly we neglect is the storage aspect. The data which is not secured properly. We spend a better amount on the bandwidth or on the hardware but what mostly unknown to us is how to manage our storage. Server Storage solution consist of all those branded products which deals with your real data. They are available from small to large network infrastructure. I am here discussion on Storage solution provided by Dell and Hp. They offer a good range product with better technical support which everyone needs. Also if you are too confused you can expect a call back from Dell to guide you on the same. Other than this, they offer you a technical training to manage your network storage. Network Storage consist of option to go with various mode in which you believe your data is more secured.

    Dell Storage Solution

    Dell offers 4 different kind of Data Storage solution. They start from option provided for data recovery and backup to tape backup. So it is your choice looks better for your Network Infrastructure. I had provided a kind of short description for every section where you can find easy to understand what kind of storage is used for what. So here what is recommended that you should not buy stuff blindly. Because storage solutions are costly and you must invest wisely on them. Following are the four types of storage solution offered by Dell. The best thing to go with Dell is customization option provided. You can simply choose what you need and what you do not. On that basis you can choose the right product for your storage system.

    Backup/Recovery & Archive : This is good for data protection. If you work in a environment where database is everything then you must go with this. Equipped with multiple support to keep a regular data backup and restore option allows get rid of any data issue appeared. It offers you continuous backup and recovery. I am also listing the products which are mentioned under this. The price and features also differs as per model. The higher you purchase the higher data security you gain. Many are equipped with their own operating system so that you can easily manage and configure this as you need.
    • PowerVault RD1000 Removable Disk Storage - $409.00
    • PowerVault LTO-3-080 Tape Drive - $2099.00
    • PowerVault LTO-5-140 Tape Drive - $2649.00
    • PowerVault 124T Tape Autoloader - $5463.00
    • PowerVault TL2000 Tape Library - $5848.00
    • PowerVault ML6010 Tape Library - $11399.00
    • PowerVault TL4000 Tape Library - $13856.00

    Networked Storage : This are similar to NAS storage where heavy data processing is carried out in easier way. The storage supports iSCSI and fiber channel support which offer free flow of data on higher bandwidth. This is further divided into more number of different storage system. I am not listing all the products but kid of storage devices you can find under this category. This is best recommended for a smaller architecture.
    • Network Attached Storage : NAS is one of the most popular storage system used from longer time. It not only offer you a backup support but a different location where the data goes. So to some extent the user stays satisfied with data recovery. This technology offer you a centralized storage system recommended for file sharing and other purpose.
    • iSCSI SAN Device - This is another storage solution support for a small architecture. You might have seen many popular iSCSI San devices which are available widely. The configuration and upgrade of NAS/SAN is quiet better where you do not need to do much. With better data transfer rate you can perform a number of options on San devices.
    • EqualLogic Storage : This is something different but similar to iSCSI San. Here you can create a virtual environment of iSCSI storage. This eliminate the cost of implementing a entirely new hardware architecture.
    • Object Storage : Massively scalable and Designed to intelligently access, store, protect and distribute fixed digital content.
    • Dell Compellent Storage Center : Brings multi-protocol connectivity with NAS, Fibre Channel, Fibre Channel over Ethernet, and iSCSI from the same array.

    Direct Attached Storage : This type of storage solution just tend to give you more space in your network. Attach them directly to your server and you done with the setup. Extra space let you run more programs and schedule a number of backup program. This removes the limit of space.
    • PowerVault MD1200 Direct Attached Storage - $3699
    • PowerVault MD1220 Direct Attached Storage - $3559
    • Powervault MD3200/MD3220 Storage Arrays - $5850

    Tape Backup : Even today tape backup are considered as the most cost effective solution for server storage. They offer you tape storage which is considered as one of the most efficient way of data backup.
    • PowerVault Tape Drives : Nightly backups of a single server with less than 800GB
    • Rackable Tape Drives : Weekly backups of one or two servers with less than 1.6TB
    • Tape Automation : High-capacity, high-speed storage -- for use as direct server backup or as part of a SAN fabric

    Hp Storage Solution

    Hp is another product that is worth to discuss here. There are number of server storage solution provided by them also. Hp not only provides you a dedicated hardware for

    storage support but also an application that can be used to manage your storage thing. They consist of a Disk backup system, a tape storage, storage blad, nas system, etc. Hp provides you more flexible solution to go for better storage options. Right-now there are number of option and some cost effective product which are worth to see.

    Disk Storage Systems : Product under this section features better performance for wide network. You have a dedicated hardware which is connected on your server and available 24x for data backup. It is very simple to manage and you can configure nas on the same. The best part of this product is that any mid size business can afford it. It will not recommend this for a very large network. This system consist of various builds which has number of disk attached in them and they are connected directly to the server. The inbuilt interface manages the data flow and provides required stats.

    NAS System : As explained above NAS are good for wide data management. They provide you better file sharing abilities. NAS storage are best recommended to store digital content and run automated backup solution. With ready to use option you can configure that easily on your network and enhance your productivity. There are products inside this section which offer you from small to large needs.

    Tape Storage & Media : Tapes are reliable and cost affective. Your data is binded on tape drives which are secured and used when it is needed. There are less changes that data might get corrupted. A single tape drive can offer you more than 100Gb of data storage depends on the specification. Automated system with Tape storage allows you to avoid human error while data backup and better disaster recovery options.

    And if you are too confused Hp offer you a option to choose the device as per need. Like choosing a device on the base of virtualized enviroment or by message and email requirment. In the same you can also go for a storage solution as per archiving facility.

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    Re: Types of Server Storage Solution

    That looks quiet a huge list. But to some extent I support NAS. Tape are not recommended for small enterprise. If you are ready to invest on good storage solution you can contact dell or hp directly for quote. On the basis of your area of network you can get the best suggestion from them which is recommended.

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