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Thread: Motorola MOTOLUXE smartphone

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    Motorola MOTOLUXE smartphone

    Launched at CES 12 this Motorola MOTOLUXE definitely gave a big impression of itself because of its sleek design and a 4 inch display. Now itís time to have a more detailed look on the phone to see how long lasting will be its impression. Motorola MOTOLUXE is a 4-inch big phone with 800MHz processor and a 8 megapixel camera offered at a street smart price of $380.

    Letís have a detailed look at the design of the phone


    Frankly speaking Motorola MOTOLUXE is one of the better attractive smartphoneís that I have got to see recently. Despite the low pric, it manages to get a slim look, soft touch finish, and the metallic elements here and there in the body of the phone. on holding the phone it really gets adjusted in our hands very easily. Though the phoneís body is slim but it is really very built. Solid enough to bear a minor physical damage.

    Lock key and the 3.5mm headphone jacket can be found at the top of the phone. the camera and the volume keys can be found on the right side of the phone, while a single micro usb port can be found on the left side of the phone. there is a small lanyard groove at the bottom front part of the phone, the lanyard groove has a small notification light hidden inside it. the 8 megapixel camera can be found on the top rear corner of the phone, speakers at the rear bottom.

    Motorola MOTOLUXE manages to fit a 4 inch display on a phone, the supported resolution is 480 by 854 pixels which will give you a clear and sharp images on the phone. though the front display looks great the side viewing of the phone is a complete disaster where in the minute details of the display gets washed off even with the small tilt of the phone. so it is but obvious that if you take the phone outside then there would be a problem in viewing. So viewing is recommended indoors only not advisable for the outdoors.

    Specifications and features

    Cpu- 800 mhz processor

    Display- 4 inches TFT capacitive touchscreen

    Memory Ė 512 mb RAM, 1GB ROM, microSD, up to 32GB

    OS - Android (2.3.7)

    Camera- 8 megapixel camera

    1400 mAh Li-On battery

    Now coming to the interface of the phone the interface is the most important part of the phone it is responsible in making or breaking a users experience towards the phone. Unfortunately we found out that the interface is not so great in this phone. we found lots of difficult during navigation and also got lots of lagginess here and there when switching to the different applications. Looks like the 800 mhz processor of this phone is not able to handle any hardcore functions for this phone. the makers should have thought of a smart processor at least while making this phone. there are few plus points in the interface one is Motorola MOTOLUXE runs on a MotoSwitch UI, which runs on top of Android 2.3.7. second is that the lock screen of the phone can handle shortcuts for up to six applications for quick access. There are couple of interesting widgets such as Activity Graph and the Social Graph useful for everyday use.

    Motorola MOTOLUXE does not scores much in terms of connectivity the stock web browser of this phone is quite choppy and fails to load even moderate heavy web page. However this phone has the support to all the connectivity options such as Wi-Fi, DLNA, 3G connections, Bluetooth 3.0, FM radio with RDS, USB storage and gps radio. We didnít test any of those because we were disappointed with the browsers performance and hence not thought of going ahead.

    We decided to see the camera of this phone just thought of checking how was the lens capture? Frankly speaking again Motorola MOTOLUXE disappoints with the camera. For the indoor captures the color combinations of the images is quite good. However the real colors of the camera is seen when we take outdoors to shoot some of the pictures, the white balance not good, images does not appear to be sharp sometimes. However we got to see a real surprise when we took pictures in a low light condition. Thatís when we got to know the real quality of the camera. We got to see some real good low
    light snaps and they were really cool. The camera takes around 3 seconds after capturing a image to shoot another image.

    The video capture was somewhat average the vga video quality was ok. Nothing much to mention about the same.

    the music or the audio player of this phone was the best that we found out in the phone. the best thing that we found out was it can download song's lyrics and album whenever it is played through the audio player. Also the access of the you tube is quite good with just a one tap access to it. The audio player has a in built SoundHound music recognition support, plus tons of radio presets inside it. I must say we were pretty impressed with this. However the disappointing part of this phone was the video player. With the support only for the MPEG4 format it will not support majority of the video formats inside it.

    As I have said above we did not get to see any great performance from the 700mhz processor phone, the phone appeared lagging in many of the situations it was given for. So the processors performance is nothing much to talk about.

    Now coming to the call quality, we found the call quality of this phone to be average with the person speaking and recipient.

    Even the 1,400mAh battery of this phone was a quite disappointment. Though its initial specs shows a good amount of stand by time in this battery but it is not the case with the talk time at all. The talk time of the battery lasted hardly four and a half hours. Thatís too little when compared to the 7-8 hours talk time we get for the batteries these days. So again a poor thing by Motorola.

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    Re: Motorola MOTOLUXE smartphone


    Coming to the conclusion part of this review. Well nothing much great to talk about this phone at all. If you all have read the review properly then you might have understood what I am talking over here. Looking at the price range that it is placed in Rs.19,000. I would say there are lots of good Smartphoneís that are coming in that range, few of them are LG Optimus Black or Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc,both of them have slim bodies, good displays, and much better hardware specifications than Motorola MOTOLUXE. So better consider them before going with Motorola MOTOLUXE. On a scale of 5 I would give it a 2.

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