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Thread: Samsung Wave Y mobile phone

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    Samsung Wave Y mobile phone

    Samsung Wave Y isnít the much hypes phone to be released yet. Since there are many phone in its categories and that too from Samsung only which does not allow Samsung Wave Y to come in the Limelight. Samsung Wave series comes with their companyís own BADA OS. Although it will not have as many applications as of the Android but still phone has some features which are enough to lure teens and the emerging buyers.

    So letís have a detailed look on the phone starting with the design.


    Samsung Wave Y has a descent body not as small as Galaxy Y but much better and bigger than it. The back cover of the phone looks like it is made up of aluminum but it is not itís covered up with plastic. Like other Wave phones even this phone has a tapered edges. Samsung Wave looks very much comfortable in our hands with its weight and also body designed in such a fashion.

    On scanning the body of the phone we found out that lock/power button on the right, and the volume rocker left, 3.5mm jack is at the top, micro usb port is at the bottom and 2 megapixel camera on the back of the phone. On opening up the phone it has a 1200mAH li-on battery and a sim card slot.

    Samsung Wave Y has a 3.2Ē capacitive LCD display which displays bright colors and provides good viewing capacity even outside. Phone features 320x480 pixels of resolution producing 180ppi density. The Bada 2.0 UI looks much better on this phone. I think itís better that the manufacturers do not go with the android for this phone because the UI wouldnít have given a great output we saw it with the Samsung Galaxy Y.

    Specifications and Features

    The following are the specifications of this phone

    - 832MHz processor
    - bada OS, v2.0
    - 3.2 inches screen, TouchWiz UI
    - 150MB internal memory, expnadbale upto 32GB
    - 2 megapixel camera, HVGA video recording
    - Standard battery, Li-Ion 1200 mAh
    - Wifi
    - Bluetooth version 3.0
    - Microusb version 2.0
    - 3G supported

    Lets us speak about the features of this phone.

    Samsung Wave Y comes with a TouchWiz UI in Bada 2.0. Eye-candy introduced by the widgets on the home screens is a good work and also the texts and the icons are pretty detailed. The UI has a dedicated homescreen for showing the weathers and has notifications on the lock screen itself.

    Typing anything on this phone is not a comfy thing especially in the portrait mode. 3.2 inch display does not do any kind of justice over there.
    The chat on applications is a one good thing about this phone. The ChatON messaging service integrates all your social networking and messaging services in one place. So whatever past ime work can be done on this particular app. Its really cool. However the constrained keyboards in this phone makes it difficult to chat but I would advise you to better stick to the landscape mode than the portrait mode whenever you want to chat.

    Wave Y comes with a Dolphin browser. That has a good interface. Download manager has been added in the browser. However it is very disappointing to see that the browser does not support flash not even the flash lite. So viewing you tube videos and flash stuffs while browsing would not be possible with this phone. However they have compensated that with text reflow, pinch and scroll functions which makes browsing in this phone a enjoyable experience.

    Samsung Wave Y provides a lot of options in terms of connectivity, 7.2Mbps HSDPA, Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct, Bluetooth, A-GPS, DLNA with the AllShare app, FM Radio and even NFC. So you wonít miss out much with the entertainment stuff.

    Samsung Wave y has a 2 megapixel camera that shoots decently. However the front camera is missing out but thatís ok. The camera supports panorama mode and also helps you in giving some effects for the images that you have clicked. There is nothing much to mention about the video recording of this phone becuae we found it to be pretty average with videos running at 30fps. We got to view some pics takesn from the camera and in the process we encountered a new Gallery app UI. It has been given the cool page-turning effect when you switch on the slideshow function. However editor tools like cropping and paste, rotating and all are missing from that.

    The music player of the phone is quite good, with flashy interface and supports majority of the audio files in it. the big disappointment is the video player which plays only MPEG-4 files, up to 720p. adding support for the other file formats would have been a great deal for the phone.


    Its time to have a look at the performance of the phone. so to start with we will check how much does the battery of this phone lasts. Samsung is known to produce phones with a weak battery lets see how Samsung Wave performs in terms of battery. The 1200mAh battery of this phone can stand up to 6 hours and 40 minutes of talk time with the standby time said up to 570 hours I think it has given a average performance.

    On testing the call quality of the phone. The voice on both the sides were audible the other party could hear our voice properly and so did us. The absence of noise cancellation mic is missing from this phone so having a voice conversation in the middle of a busy road wouldnít be ideal with this phone at all.

    On opening up random applications from the phone and checking how it performs with much application opened up at a time. The phone lagged a lot. Many applications did not open and hence those who are thinking of using this phone for the multipurpose use I would say you better refrain from it. It isnít advisable.

    The loudspeaker is the highlight of this phone with songs and ringtone played quite flat and clear. Hence it will ensure that you can cheer up your friends with its music quality.

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    Re: Samsung Wave Y mobile phone


    Coming to the conclusion part of this review. Samsung Wave Y did look a good phone at the beginning it impressed us a lot with its design and its screen. The faux brushed aluminum back, 2 megapixel camera and the speakers were really great. However the only thing that would be worrying the Samsung Wave Y is the bada os. Many of its competitors like Samsung galaxy Y, Nokia 500 which are kept in the same price range have a recognizable OS full of apps that are much larger in number than the BADA one but thatís ok, Samsung people have ensured that basic social networking, communication apps and popular games that are used daily are thrown In this phone as well. Still the phone lacks applications.

    The browser does not supports flash file thatís one more disadvantage in the phone.

    With the price set at around Rs.7200. This phone is a good buy for those who are new in the Smartphone arena. This phone would be perfect for them. My rating for this phone would be 3 out of 10.

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