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Thread: ClickFree C6 Portable Backup Drive

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    ClickFree C6 Portable Backup Drive

    I have just bought this Portable Backup Drive as it can able to backup all the application along with the operating system. . I just taken the backup of my system which si running on the windows XP 32 bit and my dell laptop which has the windows 7 64bit , not yet try the recovery option because I don’t have any issue on my both system although I have heard that some people said that it I have the virus problem on my pc it will restore the computer to the state before it was effected by the virus .

    This key feature of the drive

    • Type of drive An external hard drive;
    • Interfaces: USB 2.0, USB 3.0;
    • Capacity: 1 TB (there are versions with a capacity of 500 GB and 2 TB)
    • Dimensions:26.4h17.3h5.6 cm;
    • Weight: 1.2 kg;
    • Supported OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7;
    • Firmware: Clickfree Backup.

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    Re: ClickFree C6 Portable Backup Drive


    Compact as well as extremely attractive, the Clickfree C6 look as a typical portable hard drive, although it present much more than just additional storage space. The drive has a Mini-USB 3.0 port plus comes along with the one USB 3.0 cable that also function as a power cable. It is not same as the previous version , the C6 doesnít have the docking station, neither does it contain a Y-shaped USB cable that takes up to two USB ports. Nevertheless, it works with every USB ports we tried. We didnít run into any cases where the port didnít give enough


    The Clickfree C6 Software marked in two sections. One is formatted in NTFS and is just a data store, the second write-protected and contains software Clickfree Backup. It is clear that the first section can be used anywhere, including reformatting it to some other file system. Software installed on the second partition will remain intact, but it can be upgraded - this is done automatically when you connect the disk to a computer with Internet access.

    How to use

    The first launch of the device is extremely simple. The user only need to connect to your computer hard drive and give permission to run the software. Then you will find a welcome with a 30-second countdown, after which the software automatically starts the first backup procedure. By the way, welcome screen and can be ignored. You can also enter the settings of the application and specify where to store the data. Subsequent launches are used to recover data or see what was actually copied.


    Software Clickfree C6 distributes the data in different categories such as: word processing documents, presentations, music, photos, etc. It should be noted the presence of a new category, which was not in other such drive (Clickfree C2N) Windows and programs. , it provides the restoration of programs and systems. It is remarkable that you can configure selective backups - this will save space on your drive if you do not have any particularly important files.

    Clickfree C6 may be used to store data from one or from several computers - their number is limited only by disk space. It is clear that the backup files to multiple devices will be connected to drive them one by one - it's not very convenient. If you use only one computer, the backup will be performed every day. But if you want the reschedule you can change with the bundled software. When restoring data, you can replace it as the old, damaged data and copy it to a new folder.


    Clickfree C6 was tested, and comes with USB 3.0 port and a standard USB 2.0. the USB 3.0 drive is shown the transfer rate above 85 MB / s write and above 100 MB / s when reading. When connected to USB 2.0 performance, of course, less than impressive just above 8 Mb / s and 30 MB / s when writing and reading, respectively. This is not the highest performance to date. . On the other hand, Clickfree C6 productive than the Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Desk, Seagate 1.5TB FreeAgent GoFlex Ultra, Hitachi Touro Mobile Pro, Buffalo MiniStation Cobalt USB 3.0.

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    Re: ClickFree C6 Portable Backup Drive


    • Clickfree C6 looks stylish and provides a simple and fast backup and restore both the system files and user data. The speed of the hard drive is really high - thanks to the support of USB 3.0 interface
    • But Full functionality is available only to the Clickfree C6 user Windows. Lacks wireless connectivity.

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    Re: ClickFree C6 Portable Backup Drive

    Hi I am presently looking at this storage drive as well, as in my case I am not that tech knowledgeable to feel comfortable with Acronis, Ghost etc. to know whether my b/u that I "verify" is really accurate.

    I want to use this drive to back up my netbook and notebook and am presently looking at the 2 TB drive.
    Is it hard to b/u 2 separate computers?
    And as well does this only do incrementals of everything i.e. system, files folders etc.
    I want to do the b/u manually when I am not working on the computer.

    I am trying to read as much about this unit as possible.
    The one that I am looking at is the desktop model as I really don't need portability and have always thought that perhaps the desktop model might last longer than the portable?...

    All comments would be appreciated,
    Thank you.

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