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Thread: AMD Radeon HD 7770 VS AMD Radeon HD 7750

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    AMD Radeon HD 7770 VS AMD Radeon HD 7750

    After the success of Radeon HD 7950 and HD 7970, AMD enhanced its graphics cards with the most inexpensive Radeon HD 7700 series in the midrange. In Variation of mid-range AMD 7000 series graphic cards, Radeon HD 7770 is the first graphics card with the original frequency is 1 GHz processor. Both HD 7950 and HD 7970 are the new affordable cards released by AMD recently. Let’s compare both the cards and see what they consist of.

    Congestion, noise and heat:

    New AMD Radeon HD 7770 is to fall into the category of small cards with the size of 21 cm in height. In terms of noise, the fan is pretty average. The blades rotation also generates a bit noise that is not good. A noise that is improved sensibly in games where the number of decibels certainly not explodes, but the acute aspect remains a bit irritating.

    As per HD 7750, this card remains below 17 cm in size. The cooling system equipped with this model is great! Indeed, the fan is particularly unlikable, no matter it is in use or not, the noise level is high. However, the graphics chip does not heat very much. It thus remains at about 30 ° C while not in use and about 68 ° C while playing games.

    Power Consumption:

    The power consumption of HD 7770 is not surprising if compared with previous Radeon HD 7970 and Radeon HD 7950. Computer just consumes just 87 watts while in standby mode, that is still 10% lower than the previous cards like Radeon HD 6790. While playing video games, we noticed 256 watts at the outlet, to a point. Again, it's better than the Radeon HD 6790 that displays 297 watts under the same conditions. The GeForce GTX 550 Ti Nvidia is itself far behind with 330 watts.

    While talking about HD 7750, the level of consumption is of the same as the Radeon HD 7000. It consumes about 85 watts and can even drop to 75 watts in Power ZeroCore, when the screen goes to sleep. In games, the consumption (245 watts) is the same as the Radeon HD 7770 (256 watts) yet more swift as we shall see a little further. But it's still much better than on "old" GeForce GTX 550 Ti Nvidia display 90 and 330 watts under the same conditions.

    Video Game Performance:

    The frequency of the HD 7770 chip is high enough to counter with 1 GHz or 75 MHz better than the high-end Radeon HD 7970. However, the number of units is greatly reduced here as it falls to 640. As per HD 7750, 640 units of calculation of the Radeon HD 7770 move to 512 units on this card. It also has a lower operating frequency: 800 MHz, 1 GHz against HD 7770. The number of units dedicated to textures is also lowered from 40 to 32. However, the frequency of gigabyte of memory is identical on both models: 1125 MHz.

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    Re: AMD Radeon HD 7770 VS AMD Radeon HD 7750

    Generally HD 7770 is 20% faster than GeForce GTX 550 Ti, but still 40% less swift than the popular GeForce GTX 560 Ti. Performance that can properly play current games on a small screen resolution. Playing on full-HD screen will be subject to some compromise on the level of detail in games. Incidentally, PCI-Express 3.0 (PCIe 3.0) is required, as is support for DirectX 11.1. Backwards compatibility is still provided and the Radeon HD 7770 works perfectly on PCIe 2.0 motherboards. Even better (if one may say), we did not notice any difference between a use mode PCIe 3.0 and PCIe 2.0. About DirectX 11.1, it will not be available until the release of Windows 8. Ultimately, the Radeon HD 7770 does not provide the same gain as its predecessors - compared to the previous generation. The fact remains that this model may do the trick to play comfortably on small screen resolution or lowering a few effects on high resource-intensive games.

    The Radeon HD 7750 barely rises to the level of the GeForce GTX 550 Ti , it remains the same and 10% behind the Radeon HD 6790. It's not remarkable, this level of performance still allows playing the latest 3D titles available today, but on a full-HD screen, it is mandatory to make concessions on the level of game details. In the end, the performance gain in games is not important with the Radeon HD 7770. However, we appreciate the good performance in terms of energy consumption.

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