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Old 08-02-2012
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Nikon D800 36 Megapixel Digital SLR

Nikon has released his new 36 megapixel beast which one of its special in its range today. You might be wondering to go for new camera which can offer a much higher pixel rate. So this can be the choice. 36 megapixel offer superb image quality. Compare to other we expect around 4 time higher clear and detailed image. Nikon is a market leader in digital camera products and the company is offering many better models from quiet a long time. The camera just popped out from news offering 36 megapixel output which was imagination sometime before under the range of consumer products. The camera is impressive with a price tag of $3000 approx. There is quiet a wide range of Digital SLR available rightnow in the market. It is necessary to first understand the need first. Means are you looking for a comfortable camera with easy lens change and other stuff or small compact size or a full fledge set for digital photography. So under this choices where can be we put D800. The price tag at start always higher for new technology which is lowered as new companies releases more competitive products. Till now Nikon D800 will rule the 36 Megapixel sector. Nikon fans might be waiting for such kind of support. Nikon D800 can be a single camera packed in your bags for high definition photography. Many photographers need to spend a good amount for higher lenses to get more detailed images. This need is being reduced now. But the success of camera usually depends on the market choice. How people might feel after using the same.

The camera series also offers a new FX Format model as per mentioned on Nikons press released. As a core point of offering superior image quality better any other camera you do not need to go for a high range of equipment and models. Other than the high pixel support also offers you a new set of functions which can add higher value to your current photography. The camera body is compact and it is easy to carry. The camera tech specs defined a CMOS image sensor and Expeed image-processing engine. In other models Expeed 2 was last used. This new optimized engine offers you to capture detailed image elements. It also improves the overall camera performance without impacting any other feature. With the help of this new addition photographers get more option to create high quality pictures with easy processing. Another important feature of Expeed 3 is low power consumption which allows you to keep capturing images for longer hours. Surely many of us are wondering that generating such high quality image might reduce the battery performance. There is really no major impact found till yet. Expeed 3 offers image processing at a speed of 16 bits. This boots the processing abilities and makes the camera better than other. This is well supported by other specs like high bus bandwidth, better bus clock, and high speed digital signal processor. So all in all this is a high end camera where everything is specially optimized to give you better image quality with minimal pressure. Sensitivity ISO 100 starts now (against 200 on the D700), but the maximum is ISO 6400 natively and ISO 25 600 in extended mode. Not content to have kept approximately the same range despite a density of photoset’s times three, the manufacturer promises an improved rendering high sensitivity.

Highlighted Features:
  • 36 megapixel CMOS sensor
  • Improved Autofocus
  • Identical to the Nikon D700
  • Full HD video mode 1920 * 1080
  • 12-14 frames per second
  • SD and CF memory cards 24 MP FX sensors
  • 3.3 inch monitor / display can be tilted
  • New Battery Grip
  • Shutter speeds to 1 / 16,000 seconds
  • New 91K-pixel RGB sensor for the more accurate Advanced Scene Recognition System
  • Multi-area mode Full HD D-Movie for movie recording using one of two movie formats
  • Viewfinder frame coverage of approximately 100% and a lightweight and durable water- and dust-resistant body
  • Support for high-speed continuous shooting and a variety of battery types with the Multi-Power Battery Pack MB-D12 (optional)
  • A new shutter unit that has passed testing for 200,000 cycles and supports a maximum shutter speed of 1/8000 s and flash sync speed of 1/250 s
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Old 08-02-2012
Join Date: May 2008
Posts: 146
re: Nikon D800 36 Megapixel Digital SLR

Support for SuperSpeed USB (USB 3.0)

You might be wondering do I really need this camera or any 8 to 12 megapixel is enough for me for vacation or any other stuff. Basically this camera is recommended for professional and for those who enjoy photography as hobby. Because understanding image manipulation is not everyone's cup of tea. Many of us never uses full feature of the camera we own already. I will recommend the camera for professionals. It offers a controlled environment to capture images of 7360x4912-pixel in resolution. This resolution is awesome and offers you image size in mb's. Now you might be wondering it is cool to have 7360x4912 resolutions or 36 Megapixel. But do you really understood how big will the image size or what output will you get on your TV or computer screen. Many of us never understand the actual resolution and pixel used and what we can do. If you can understand this, it will be much easier for you to make decision whether to buy the same or not. So I am here giving you a small table which will give you a approx size of image generated from 7360x4912 resolution. Devices like printers, scanners, monitors, etc uses DPI. DPI is a way of calculating the image resolution used by the software used in these devices. DPI stands for Dots per Inch. The higher DPI is the higher quality image looks. On the same hand if you printer on higher DPI the more clear print appears and more ink is used. A basic example below will help you more to understand the same.
  • An image of 640X480 is a small image. Take an example of traditional rectangular business card
  • An image 1024 x 768 can be a size of old 14 or 15" Computer CRT monitor
  • An image of 1280 x 960 can be compared to an image of 4" x 6" (4 inch in width and 6 inch in height)
  • An image of 1152X864 can be compared to an image of 5" x 7" (5 inch in width and 7 inch in height)
  • An image of 1600 x 1200 can be compared to an image of 6" x 8" (6 inch in width and 8 inch in height)
On the same way when you are talking about 7360x4912 resolution then you can assume a picture of 76" x 51" (76 inch in width and 51 inch in height) which might give you a print size of 6 feet x 4 feet approx. You can print a tall fat guy out of it. This is just my assumptions and I hope the result should be nearby to some of this. This just reflects that the image can be zoom to such a high resolution with clear output.

Nikon D800 has a LCD screen of 3.2" with better resistance. Unlike the D4, the D800 does not offer any backlit keys but there is a new video control, a new LiveView control, direct access to the Picture Control is also available in LiveView. The flash controller provides a method and found a scene recognition system to 91k points. The CAM 3500 AF Multi FX offers 51 AF points including 15 always cross-compatible and 11 f / 8. Burst speed is 4fps in FX and 6fps can ride with the new optional handle. The D800 is guaranteed for 200,000 trips made and a weight of 900g body only, 100g or less than the D700. The D800 now offers a dual-port FC and SD as well as USB 3.0. Regarding the video, the D800 offers the 1080p/24/25/30 720p/50/60 in addition, all H.264 stream or uncompressed via HDMI. There are also modes and HDR TimeLapse well as cropping options (FX and DX only). Note that the AF in video mode can be in continuous mode with face recognition and that the D800 has advanced audio functions. The autofocus can operate up-2EV or light is observed by a full moon night. He knows only use the central AF 11 beaches to allow the auto focus to f / 8. Otherwise expressed, this system allows the use of converters with optical focal opening to f/2.8 or f / 4 without loss of autofocus. Burst mode allows the Nikon D800 4 frames / sec and 6 frames / sec. With the optional MB-D12 grip. They are not here record values and sports photography buffs will easily find the limit, they'll more likely to perform much better Nikon D4 burst.

The viewfinder of the Nikon D800 offers a true 100% under a magnification of 0.7 x where the D700 offered only 95%. This is real progress, and the least Nikon can do this type of housing. The screen remains the classic rear LCD of 8.1 inches diagonally and 921,000 points. Its rendering is more flattering than the D700, it is close to sRGB for better color reproduction. The screen brightness adjusts to ambient conditions. No backlight buttons on the D800 by cons, unlike the big brother Nikon D4 but a removable shield for the back screen. The Nikon D800 has a built-in HDR mode: In this mode, the box records a picture underexposed and an overexposed photo in one motion mirror, and then combines them to make the HDR image usually 'manufactured' using d a post-processing software. The difference in exposure between the two pictures can reach 3EV, this mode does not, however, the flexibility of additional software that can interpret multiple images to optimize the HDR. The D800 offers two unique modes of cropping video (4 on the Nikon D4): full size (FX) for minimum depth of field and DX format (1.5 x multiplication factors) similar to the Super 35 film format, more flexible to manage the focus manually.


With 36 megapixels, the D800 was the camera's highest resolution DSLR in small picture format, and would most medium format cameras in the shade! Only the speed will be reduced somewhat, from the previous 5 frames per second at the D700 to only 4 frames / sec, but this is still a very good value - is - especially in terms of the resolution. At a price of $3000 the camera might be a worth to someone. Those who had already invested more on the SLR lenses might love to stay away. But for enthusiasts this is a kind of good offering. I found the cost too high. But this can be expected as this is the only camera which lies above all competitors. It features 1 x CF (UDMA mode 7), 1 x SDXC slots to add you memory for storing the image inside it. With dual card slots for CF and SD cards you can add up to some space in it for more storage.
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