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Thread: Firefox 10 Web Browser

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    Firefox 10 Web Browser

    Mozilla had released its latest update for Firefox. Rightnow you can have Firefox 10 as the most recent web browser on your desktop. This update is released for all platforms. Firefox is one of the most widely used open-source web browser. It has already created a new era of web browser category which comes with tons of features and smooth performance. The updates surely keep adding more new fixes on the browser. From the last version to this there are many new additions which I had mentioned below. This new update emphasizes more support for Web Developers. That means now a Web Developer can use it as a Swiss knife for its project to create better end user results. You can now download Firefox 10. It is found that Mozilla has really taken a great leap to the 10th version of browser while users are still sticked under 3rd and 4th. The reason is easy to use interface and multi-tab browsing. New update tends to add more new tools on your web browser itself and also provides you to choose more add-ons on the same. The new version is quiet built for many supports for Web Development.

    As it is found that the scope of internet keeps on expanding day to day, so it becomes necessary for the developers to provide the right technology which is accessible to all. Other than this it is also important to understand then needs of an end user and other stuff like security, privacy, etc. Now you might be wondering about, what an end user will be benefitted from the Web Development support on Firefox. It will not benefit directly but indirectly it is helpful for all. Under this the developers can run Web apps with the help of 3D graphic support. That means this version is designed for browser based gaming and apps development. Developers can just directly test the app and release and on the same hand end users can test tons of games online. The best example can be Chrome Store. From here you can download many apps and games and enjoy the same under single browser. Adobe Air is another good example of this. Firefox might be entering to this with the new version.

    Firefox has waited a long time to provide Rich Content support on its browser. But that has not made any impact on its popularity. The new upgrades promises to provide a much smoother services. Firefox 10 will offer a much better compatibility on the add-ons or extension you will be going to use on the browser. According to the developers, they finally managed to cope out with the problem of incompatibility with the latest additions to Firefox. This new version is characterized by an automatic update in the background with better management of extensions. Mozilla says the add-ons developed for Firefox 4 should work fine in Firefox 10. The problem of performance after adding extensions to the browser has been reduced which is a kind of complement to the functionality of Firefox. This issue is faced in many generations of the Mozilla. After adding add-on the browser performance sucks. But this time it being said that the story will be a bit different/ Developers simply do not have time or for some reason delayed modernization of its code-source.

    And Mozilla takes a step towards those who distribute it under the brand expansion beyond online store Mozilla. Now 75% of add-ons that are not in the official repositories, but downloaded by users, Firefox will automatically mark the 10 and disable those that do not fit into the program code of the 10th version. As for companies, then they will become Firefox 10 first edition with advanced technical support (ESR). Other new features introduced in Firefox 10 include support full screen mode for web applications.

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    Re: Firefox 10 Web Browser

    What is New?

    Images :

    1. Web Developer Tab
    • Web Console
    • Inspect
    • Scratchpad
    • Page Source
    • Error Console

    2. Web Developer Tool

    3. Inspect Element Tool

    4. Scratch Pad

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    Re: Firefox 10 Web Browser

    Here is a short list of new things in the browser. I had tried to explain them in the simplest way I can. The list is not just finished. There are more add-ons that are still to be mentioned.
    • Full Screen API: This is the first feature listed on the web browser. This feature allows the developers to work on web apps on full screens support. This work mostly with html content on the browser. Allowing the developers to work more smoothly on app development. This is best for work with gaming or interactive apps which are needed to tested now and then before it reaches the end user.
    • Page Inspector: I had already mentioned about Page Inspector. What it does. It just makes an easier for a developer to learn about the website elements. that can be the design, font or colors. The developer can just verify that the web elements are loaded fine and are easy to navigate.
    • Style Inspector: As the name says it helps to see the CSS properties. The developer can carry out various experiments under this.

    As mentioned already Mozilla Firefox 10 has added new, integrated development tools. This new tools are best for developers to design and test rich media applications. As today the web is more moving towards providing a better interface with flashy looks. It is found that flash content is one of the major elements used in sites and it does not matter what kind of operation the site carries. What matters is the proper functionality. The development tools in the web browser come with Page and Style Inspector and the scratchpad. So what is Page and Style Inspector? As you know that a website interface or look is a kind of important stuff. Because if a user found that your site is not made properly or looks dull, they might not visit back.

    In Firefox 10, the Page Inspector can design styles, fonts, colors and positions of elements of a site. It is also possible to see the HTML and CSS rules applied by the browser for a particular item. So here the page inspector tells you about the onsite code of existing or chosen element. This is same like Chrome has inspected element or Opera with Dragon fly support. Firefox is being late in this process. But now with the help of Page Inspector it is possible to highlight HTML Elements. This is not really a big advantage for the end users but sure for developers who love Firefox. If the Inspector is active, the respective elements of a Web site highlights and day, classes and id of the element is displayed. At the foot of the page displays the Inspector a tool bar, in which developers can work on the basis of so-called Bread Crumbs from the HTML structure. Another support is the Style view. When you activate the Style view you can view the CSS of site. So that you can figure out property-based viewing.

    The format which you will see will be able to give a layout the web css stylesheet which will be quiet similar to the current one. The property view displays the other hand, the real CSS properties of an element, for example, the final font size. The style view can alternatively be activated with Ctrl-S. The last thing in this Scratchpad. This pad if just a kind of code editor which will help you to modify the exist code with JavaScript modification.


    Adding just a development toolbar is not the only motive for Firefox. The new upgrades always tends you to have better support on surfing. Here Firefox has offered various features because of which it is quiet popular. It is recommended to have a try for the same. The current version can be upgraded directly to Firefox 10. This is not the final version. Still downloaded under the name of Beta we can hope of better upgrades in the coming future. This time Firefox has targeted the developer community. This browser has become now handier for all those who want to work and test the web properties on a single time. But will this put an impact on the browser. It is not yet tested to far by any. The browser offers to test the elements with 3D hardware acceleration. So that means this time Firefox might consume your hardware resources also for better output. But surely this is going to put more strain on the performance. The desktop version along with mobile edition is equipped with better functionality and to deliver every element on your screen.

    Firefox 10 is already loaded with all those features which are already present in the earlier versions of this web browser.

    Download Firefox 10

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